Unexpected benefits & hidden gems

I started this Magenta Blazer blog to put down in writing all of the crazy outfit thinking and closet rules that were already happening in my head. I figured if I can help one woman pick out a fierce power outfit that made her feel confident for a day of work, my mission was accomplished. 

I didn't realize how much the act of publicly posting images and writing down my thoughts would positively effect me.   As a classic workaholic, putting in average ten-hour work days, my day revolved around work. For the first time in years, blogging got me to step away from my desk and go outside during the day. These little breaks are therapeutic and refreshing. I find my concentration is better from my mental and physical field trips.

I'm also learning a new appreciation for the city I've spent the last eight years in. I'm seeing it in a new light and discovering hidden gems I never knew existed. I'm very lucky to have such an amazing city as my backdrop. Between the amazing landmarks and the fantastic street style, there's no shortage of inspiration to gain just by walking down the street.


Just this week I discovered a hidden corner of calm among the bustling downtown streets of the Financial District. Tucked into among corporate office buildings is the Elevated Acre, a beautiful open space of greenery and sweeping views of the East River and neighboring boroughs. The most incredible part is that it was almost completely empty. I had this serene, gorgeous place to myself to take a break from working and capture a couple photos for the blog. This will definitely be a space I visit in the future. 

New York scenery has been the perfect canvas to make my outfits really shine. I'm in the greatest city and appreciate every second of it.