The outfit-making necklace

I often talk about how shoes can make (or break) an outfit.  Necklaces can do the same.  I learned this the other morning when trying to run out the door on time, but not totally loving my outfit.  I don't usually share my outfit fails, but they happen and this is the "real clothes for real women by a real working girl" blog!  

I went to a standard go-to:  green statement necklace paired with green suede booties.  What I didn't account for were the shoulder pads in this blazer matched with the necklace.  I felt like I belonged in a late 80s music video.  This was clearly not the look I was going for as I prepared to go in to the office.  

I wore this combo for about 20 minutes before contemplating starting from scratch and being extremely late for work. As a last chance save, I consulted my jewelry box for other necklace choices. 

This was my failed outfit.  The necklace-blazer combo made me feel like I belonged in the late 80s.

This was my failed outfit.  The necklace-blazer combo made me feel like I belonged in the late 80s.

Slipping this rose gold necklace around my neck changed my whole outfit immediately. The long chain seemed to elongate my figure and appeared much slimmer than the chunky, green necklace. It was a perfect contrast to the rough edges of the jacket.  My outfit was resurrected and I was still on time for work.  

I now have more respect for the power of a necklace. In fact, I just ordered a new one from J. Crew Factory--my go-to for statement jewelry because it's beautiful and cheap--like this one that I love. 

While I will always believe an amazing pair of shoes can make any outfit a knock-out, statement jewelry deserves a seat at the outfit-making table too! 

Outfit breakdown: 

  • Grey blazer: Tart Collections at StichFix
  • White camisole: Express
  • Darkwash girlfriend jeans: Express
  • Rose gold necklace: The Limited
  • Green suede booties: Chloe

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