One shirt, two ways

Not surprisingly, my small, city apartment closet is bursting at the seams.  Yet I stand in front of it thinking "I have nothing to wear."  We've all been there. Between my rule of allowing 30 days to pass before wearing an item of clothing again and how bored I get with a steady rotation of the same power outfits, I face this scenario quite often. 

One of my favorite "games" is trying to create as many different outfit combinations with [insert item of clothing I'm in love with] as possible.

This game is a constant puzzle to me that I love to crack by putting together new looks with existing items in my closet app.  Sometimes the outfits I create are utterly ridiculous, and it gets deleted a moment after trying it on IRL.  Other times, new power outfits are created, like this one

I played the game many times with this laces shirt and came up with several ways to wear it no matter the season.  Adding a classic, crisp white blouse upped the professionalism and offset the ripped jeans.  Through the warmer months I would instead opt for a black tank underneath and pair it with maroon slacks.  

The game also comes in handy while shopping. I would drool over an adorable item, but if I can't create at least two new looks with it, it's probably not a great purchase.  Let's be honest, a more likely scenario is I buy it, add it to my closet app, then continue shopping to find the perfect pieces to someday make it into a power outfit. 

If my husband is reading this, I am trying really hard to stick with the more practical approach, but sometimes you strike gold. 

These green suede booties are absolutely one of those golden moments where they just had to be in my closet--it's almost always shoes. They are even a half size too small, but totally worth it.  I stumbled upon them in Century 21. I used to work across the street, which is super dangerous, and visited the European shoe basement more often than I'd like to admit.  I discovered these on one such trip, and it was love at first sight. I definitely didn't have much in my closet that went with green booties, but I happened to have a statement that matched perfectly and I've been stocking up on lots of neutrals.  

 The game continues on.  I challenge you to think of your favorite clothing item and pair it with something new that's already in your closet.  

Outfit #1 breakdown:

  • Lace blouse:  J.Crew
  • White button down:  Express
  • Ripped ankle jeans:  Just Black at Stitch Fix
  • Green suede booties:  Chloe

Outfit #2 breakdown:

  • Lace blouse:  J.Crew
  • Maroon slacks:  Express
  • Black suede ankle strap pumps:  Michael Kors

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