When a perfect outfit comes together

This outfit was years in the making and came together like long lost puzzles pieces snapping into place perfectly.  Okay, maybe that's a little too much, but I was elated when I put these items on together and it just worked. Each piece is from a different time and bought for a different reason and has a different story, making the final product that much more special.

I first wore, and wrote about, this sleeveless trench in the beginning of June.  As mentioned, this item was an impulse purchase that sat in my closet for many months before I figured out how to pair it.  I'm happy with the first outfit, but if I couldn't come up with multiple ways to wear and pair this trench, I would've considered it a poor purchase.  

This skirt was part of my amazing trip to Target where I accidentally bought a new summer wardrobe.  I have been casually looking for a new pleated skirt in a great color (I already have a black pleated skirt).  This fit the bill perfectly.  It's longer than my black version and I've been pining to add more of this rich, olive color to my closet. 

I've owned this camisole for quite some time.  I first wore it in February 2014 under a teal J.Crew cardigan!  This is one of the many successful ways I've paired it in the past.  Another is with my namesake Magenta Blazer; see it in my very first post!  I love the understated floral print.  It pulls in so many colors, allowing lots of pairing options, but it doesn't overpower an outfit.  

I'm also quite obsessed with this particular camisole cut from Express.  I own it in two additional colors (white and black) and wear them frequently.  They are great layering pieces and are made of a high quality material that adds a touch of fancy to any outfit.  With two layers of high quality fabric, you don't have to worry about the top being see-through. Many come in two reversible colors--two shirts for the price of one!  The cut of the neckline doesn't show too much cleavage and the delicate straps are a great fit on me.  I will likely be adding more colors and patterns to my collection in the future.  

Right after I got back from my Target shopping spree, and I was feeling guilty about how much I bought.  I began organizing my new items in digital and literal closets and told myself I would return anything that didn't have multiple wears and pairings with items already in my closet.  I put the skirt on and began browsing my closet for possible pairings.  First, the sleeveless trench caught my eye.  It had been taunting me for weeks, and I finally found it a possible partner.  The length and color combination were perfect together.  My existing black skirt was shorter and the black-on-black made it difficult to pair with tops. I considered both the black and white camis, but I knew the floral option was the one.  The colors coordinated so well without being too matchy.

A power outfit was created, and I decided immediately the skirt was a keeper! I started this post off with some over-the-top drama, but it makes me seriously happy to have pieces from different chapters of my life come together to result in an outfit that I feel confident and amazing in.  This is the soul of Magenta Blazer. 

Outfit breakdown:

  • Black sleeveless trench:  Express (same one here for $98.  Also comes in white!)
  • Olive pleated skirt:  Who What Wear for Target (still available in plus size for 29.99.  Similar option also in olive by Topshop for $85.00.  I'm loving this engine red option by Express for $69.90 and this emerald green option by J.Crew for $98.00)
  • Floral Camisole:  Express Barcelona Cami (same one here for $39.90.  Currently buy one, get one 50% off.  There are TEN colors to choose from.  Have fun!  I've got my eye on the blush/olive option).
  • Black strappy sandals:  Splendid (Similar lace up option also by Splendid for $157.95.  Another option by Madewell for $158)

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