Love what you wear

A close friend of mine recently said to me "Why would you hold on to anything that you don't absolutely love?" Even though she wasn’t referring to clothing, these words struck a closet chord. Later that same day, I was browsing my closet and within fifteen minutes 27 items were piled on my bed to be retired. Some were past their prime. Others still had the tags on them. What they all had in common was I didn't absolutely love them or how I felt while wearing them.

How you define love for an item of clothing is completely up to you.  For me it’s something that I put on and feel really fantastic in.  I realized that most of my power outfits are created by pieces that make me feel great, hence the power.  That sounds so obvious, but it took me awhile to see how these items were set apart from those I just purged from my closet.  It was difficult to let go of items that were brand new, but I’ve had some of them for months without finding a reason to wear them.  Why waste your closet space and your time wearing clothes that you don’t love?

I also define love for an item as being reminded of something wonderful by that item.  I have the first item my now-husband ever bought me hanging in the closet:  an ivory silk blouse.  The cut is outdated.  There are stains and pulls.  I have no intention of wearing it again, but I also don’t plan on throwing it out because I love what it stands for.  The same is true for many of my old college t-shirts.  I’ve washed them so many times they are the softest items I own, and I love sleeping in them.  I enjoy seeing these items hanging in the far corner of the closet every time I browse.

This is an outfit made up of items I love.  The fit, the style, the pairing options are all amazing.  Wearing them together or in other outfits make me feel truly wonderful, ready to conquer another day.  That is what defines a power outfit.  

Outfit breakdown:

  • Plaid button-down:  J.Crew.  Similar option here on sale for $59.99.  
  • Pleated midi skirt:  Express.  Same here in multi colors for $69.90.
  • Suede ankle-ankle strap pump:  Via Spiga.  Same here available in multi colors.  

The newly free space in my closet is welcome. I keep telling myself this is not an invitation to overstuff it again with new items. New goal: determine if I love an item--and me in it--before I purchase!

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