Fall previews

If you asked me two weeks ago--and I happened to possess epic power--I would've opted for another month of summer. I wasn't ready to hand in my bright colors, florals and wedge sandals just yet; however, the sweaty commutes have finally gotten to me.  The emerging fall fashion trends are also super exciting.  I have to apply large amounts of self-control to not head to Bloomingdales on my lunch break and do some major shopping damage. Being that I can't control the weather, I only hope that the bandaid doesn't get ripped off too quickly and I'm able to slowly phase out my open toe sandals and bare legs.

Once Labor Day hits, some items that are 100% summer items are retired for the season while others stick around as long as the weather permits.   Not only do they get in a couple more wears; they get fresh outfit options and pairings.

My Labor Day expirations:

  • I trade in my thin, airy fabrics for thicker materials.  The short sleeve sweater I wore today is a great example of a thicker fabric for the warmer side of a weather transition.
  • My bright and pastel colors and floral patterns are replaced with darker tones and plaid prints.  While I will continue to wear lots of color, my wardrobe will begin to take on a darker tone overall.
  • Wedge sandals are packed away to make room for booties.  Wedges are a perfect example of an item I consider 100% summer.  Since wedge season is so short, I justified an expensive See by Chloe pair years ago with their classic look and multi-year lifespan.  They are finishing up their third summer and going strong!

I'm not quite ready to say goodbye:

  • Open-toe sandals still have a good amount of wears, though they are now in rotation with ballet flats, pumps and booties.  It was a little cooler today in NYC, but still warm enough for the toes to show.
  • In skirts and dresses my legs are still tanned and bare.  I will continue to go without tights for as long as the weather permits and my tan holds out.
  • Season-spanning blouses and dresses can continue to be worn by being reinvented with a coordinating blazer, jacket or some other kind of layer.  The heat is finally letting up a bit!

Fall layering is what I look forward to most. I don't necessarily have to account for warmth as top priority yet, so I can have some fun with different patterns, textures and styles. This is an opportunity to add a new dimension to an outfit or reinvent something I may have worn on its own over the summer.  I'm really enjoying playing around with different combinations to discover new power outfits to try out.  

With my self control waning, first up on my list of fall must-haves is a killer bomber jacket and a new pair of amazing booties.  For the bomber, I'm looking for a high quality fabric and something neutral enough to pair with lots of outfits but fun enough to add some spice.  For the boots I'm focused on a rich, cognac color and a stacked heel.  Hopefully, more to come on both of those fronts!

Outfit breakdown:

  • White short sleeve sweater:  Express (same one for $39.90)
  • Dark grey jogger pants:  Level 99 for StitchFix (similar pair by On The Road for Anthropologie for $98.00.  Another satin option by Express for $59.90).
  • Black strappy sandals:  Splendid (Similar lace up option also by Splendid for $157.95.  Another option by Madewell on sale for $124.99)

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