Investment Purchases: A Journey

I don’t take investment purchases lightly. It’s such a big deal because it requires months of saving, a belief that I’ll be rocking this item for the foreseeable future and happens very rarely in life. This is only my third. Each one is a roller coaster ride of emotion. I recently purchased my first-ever investment bag, and it was literally the single-highest amount of money I ever spent on a wearable item. I’m taking you along on the whole journey.

The build up: Why am I doing this?

I’m a shoe gal. I can instantly fall in love with a pair, know I need it, and start working on a strategy to make them mine. I don’t have the same obsession with bags, yet I kept finding myself in situations where I didn’t have the right bag for the situation, usually fancier occasions. I’d casually browse clutches but never get that same need-to-have feeling. It was the two weddings I had this fall that finally gave me a deadline I needed to hit. I’m investing in a clutch that is 1) classic 2) versatile 3) swoon-worthy.

ALL of the research

I had my marching orders and a deadline. Now it’s time to get down to business. I was on EVERY department store website searching by style, design, price. I was stalking my favorite bloggers to see what the heck they were carrying. I’d find one that I liked and unofficially poll my friends for their opinion.

With online research I narrowed it down to two brands: Chloe and Saint Laurent. Honestly, if I could afford a Chanel, it would’ve been top of the list, since it’s the most classic. I think my husband may have murdered me if I spent that Chanel-type money!

The most useful research i did was in person. I went to Barneys and walked around the floor to see everything in person. This is when I quickly ruled out Chloe. The size was just wrong, and I needed to hold it to make that confirmation. I spent a lot of time at the Saint Laurent counter holding every style that I liked. I was torn between the envelope style and the tassel. I asked a ton of questions and got a ton of advice from the spicy sales associate:

Q: Is the tassel too fancy for day use?

A: If you were a 50 year old dame, I’d say no, but you’re too young to carry this daily.

Q: Does the envelop style come with a tassel? Best of both worlds and decision avoided!

A: Nope.

Q: Too trendy?

A: For you? Yes. (Please refer to answer of question one)

Q: Can I get the envelope style with silver or gold details?

A: Yes, comes in either.

Q: Does it come in a smooth leather?

A: Yes, but don’t get that one. The leather nicks really easily! (Best advice I received!)

The stress of searching

Get the one you REALLY want. Never compromise or settle on your investment purchase. I finally decided on the envelope style in gold (officially called the Monogram YSL Chevron Quilted Wallet). Turns out, they only had silver, and I was heartbroken. I was ready to strut out of Barneys and twirl my way down the street with a massive grin on my face and a Barney’s bag in my hand. Literally. In the dream scenario of this process, the montage of walking out of the store was the highlight.

My sales associate was confident that there was a gold in stock somewhere and he could send it to me. While this killed my purchase montage, I agreed. The next day, he confirmed there were none in gold. My stress level went even higher when I checked stock at both Saks and Bergdorf’s. Was there none in all of New York City? Now I was getting desperate.

HOW much?!

How could I fall in love with the only style that was unattainable?! I didn’t give up and finally found it at Neiman Marcus in New Jersey. I called in the biggest favor with my very patient husband and we drove to Neiman after work that same day.

So, surprise, we get there and the seller shows me a larger version that has a chain that can be worn SEVEN different ways….for an additional $300. Now I’m torn, not to mention my husband may have a heart attack. He wasn’t supposed to witness the purchase or know just how much I was spending.


Shock of the century, in my state of decision paralysis he told me not to settle and go for the bigger one. He earned himself the biggest hug in that moment.

It’s mine!!!

I purchased the Matelasse Monogram YSL Wallet on Chain. Saint Lauren pebbled calfskin chain wallet with golden hardware was mine to take home. OK, so it wasn’t the same montage that I had originally planned, pirouetting out of Barneys, but I did get some photo evidence of the massive grin on my face as I cuddled the Neiman Marcus bag. Then we headed to the mall foodcourt for some celebratory Chick Fil A.

The first wear

So worth it, so glad I went with the larger size. So in love. I now have a go-to bag for literally every situation. No need to stress about which bag to choose. And because I opted for the version that can be worn seven ways, the versatility of the bag goes way up. Tuck the chain in to create a clutch. Crisscross the chain inside to create a shorter shoulder bag. There are four more ways that I have yet to discover! If you happen to see my strutting down the street in my gym clothes with a gold chained Saint Laurent on my arm, let me live :)


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