Four Trends to Try Before Summer Ends

Summer is my favorite season to dress for.  Something about summer clothing makes the outfit ideas pour out of me.  The colors are brighter, the fabrics are lighter and the sandals make a statement.  Recently I've been feeling this urgency to make sure I wear all of my planned summer pairings before the cold weather sets in. 

With the summer half over, it's easy to fall in to a rut.  it's a great time to re-evaluate what you've worn thus far and mix it up a bit.  I'm here to bring some fresh thinking back into outfitting to finish off the summer rejuvenated! Below are some of my favorite trends so far this summer.  Shop each trend and try them out while you still can!

All of the Florals

I can't get enough of a good floral print.  It's fun and adds interest and complexity to any outfit.  The versatility and matchability factor goes way up when you introduce a print with multiple colors.  If you're hesitant to wear loud patterns, start with smaller prints or something on a neutral background--like the black flutter sleeve number I'm wearing below and linked to shop!  Treat floral like stripes--the most classic of prints and the easiest way to add some depth to an outfit.

White on white

I recently discovered monochromatic looks and I've been loving them ever since. There's something so crisp and fresh about head to toe white.  As long as your not planning a spaghetti dinner, take the leap into a white top and white bottom pairing.  I've dressed it down with a white t-shirt and jeans (both linked below for easy shopping) and also got a little fancier with a white peplum top with a subtle gingham print and heels.  This one is easy to pull off using items from your closet.  Take the leap and learn that you love it too!


Sneakers and Dresses

Perhaps one of my favorite trends ever, especially since I've been creating quite the sneaker collection lately.  If I could wear sneakers everyday, I would.  It's the contrast of the casual footwear with a piece that's considered more dressy that I love.  To me, it reads "I'm a put together boss lady who knows how to lay back and have fun." I wish I could be that everyday.  

vans skyline.jpg


If someone would invent a way to go to the bathroom without having to strip all the way down, I would live in jumpsuits.  They are the perfect alternative to a dress.  While they offer the same one-piece-and-you're-all-set functionality, they also give a too-cool-for-school vibe.  The black beauty linked below is the same as the magenta one I'm wearing below, and I can vouch for it's amazingness and comfort.  Also worth mentioning, when you're power walking to the office in 80% humidity, it's much more comfortable to have some fabric between the thighs. Now that's real talk.    

Make the most out of the last weeks of summer! Let me see your florals, jumpsuits, white-on-whites and sneaker and dress looks!

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