When you find the perfect jeans

Every woman is shaped differently, and it's beautiful. However, when you're shopping for jeans it could be extremely frustrating trying to find something that fits. 

I remember several shopping sprees dedicated to finding a pair of jeans that fit:  going store to store, trying on every style in multiple sizes, every pair fits differently but not quite right. These are the worst days. I usually left empty-handed or settling for a pair that kinda-sorta fit.  

A couple weekends ago I went on an impromptu shopping spree, and strolled in to Madewell. That's when the stars aligned. All of the jeans were located on a single table clearly marked. There was an attendant there to further explain how each style was meant to fit. I wasn't even on a jeans mission that day, but I grabbed two different styles in two different sizes and headed to the dressing room. That's where the magic happened. I slid the jeans on and they fit perfectly. The waist was just right. My legs looked slim and the length was spot on. The quality was amazing. A mini celebration dance right there in the mini curtained off space followed. I headed straight for the register and bought both styles. 

Perfect fitting jeans are so important. They are the basis of so many outfits. Don't give up the search for the right pair for you; they are out there.  They may cost more than you like, but it's so worth it. Remember along the way to celebrate your curves and unique shape. When all else fails, find an amazing tailor and create the perfect fit. You're worth it.  

I'm wearing Madewell's 10" high-rise skinny jeans in carbondale wash for $128.00.  I love the high waist! 

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