Monochromatic Style Experiment Turned Love Affair

I've been spending so much time trying to mix and match colors and patterns that one of the easiest and most chic pairings flew under my radar for quite some time.  But no longer! What started off as a monochromatic experiment has turned a full on monochromatic love affair. When applied to what you're wearing, monochromatic style means wearing separates of one color and/or similar shades of that color for an overall tonal look. Read on for my learnings and of course, some outfits!

White-on-white Blazer

I started my experiment safely with a simple blazer-blouse pairing in ivory.  Blacks and whites are a great starting point, but there are many other neutrals to try out. This ivory-on-ivory pairing also works for the time of year.  There are still chilly days in New York and I'm over winter style.  Lighter colors feel more springy while keeping me warm.  I'm also a fan of the leopard with cream pairing. This outfit is a definitely a contender for Power Outfit status and a great seasonal transition option!


Green-on-green Outfit

I'd say my safe experiment was a success, so I dove right in with a full monochromatic outfit in color. I'd paired these green pants with both black and white blouses, but this green on green is one of my favorites.  The sweater is a slightly brighter shade than the pants, but it still works because they are in the same color family. The cherry on top is the gold accents in the shoes and necklace.  I'm a sucker for a gold-green pairing.  


White-on-white Outfit

Now that I'm fully bought in on monochromatic looks, I decided to try full white on white.  This has it's own set of risks, the top being the increased likelihood of stains.  There's something so crisp about an all white pairing, even if it is just a jeans and tee combo.  I think my favorite part is the accessorizing possibilities this opens up.  I could've selected literally any shoes, jewelry and jacket to set the level of dressiness.  My husband and I were heading out for a cozy late afternoon dinner and a movie date, so I went with a statement, yet comfy shoe and a casual jacket.  Luckily I made it through both without spilling!  


What works with both the green and full white looks is the tops and bottoms are in different, complimentary fabrics.  Jeans and tees always go well together. These just happen to be the same color! I haven't gone head to toe monochromatic just yet.  I'm such a fan of a standout shoe and a single color palette outfit offers the perfect canvas to pull out all the brightest beauties.  

The next time you need to throw together a chic look, don’t stress over matching different colors and patterns. Try sticking with one color and start your own monochromatic love affair!

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