One blazer, three ways

I stopped into Aritzia in hopes of finding the perfect dress to wear to a wedding. Instead, the outfit of one of the workers caught my eye, and I needed more info. She was wearing a relaxed fit double-breasted blazer layered over a graphic tee. She was equal parts professional and laid back, comfy and put together. All balances I strive for everyday in the office. Dress goals momentarily forgotten, I went on a blazer hunt.

I had to order my size online, and when it arrived my initial reaction was underwhelming. Perhaps I couldn’t pull it off as well as the ultra sophisticate who worked at Aritzia. Perhaps the sizing was a little too big or I’m just not that comfy with pieces that aren’t super form-fitted. No outfits came to me immediately and there it hung in my closet for a couple weeks, taunting me to be worn.

And so I finally did…three times, styled three differed ways! Spoiler alert, this particular blazer has found a permanent home in my closet and outfit rotation.

First wear: Paired with a graphic tee

I eased in slowly, playing it safe with the original pairing that inspired the purchase. I wore this for a weekend brunch. Had it been a workday, I would’ve opted for booties with a heal to maintain that professional/casual balance I’m constantly striving for.


Second wear: Monochromatic with a twist

Name me one combo that’s more reliable than black on black?! I wanted to offset the loose fit of the blazer with a pair of skinnies. Underneath I layered a camisole to add some coverage but not weight. I’d like to think that I could wear this to a night out minus the cami, but I think that would be a scandalous amount of skin to show. Who would I be if I didn’t include a pair of standout footwear?


Third wear: Over a dress

Apparently this blazer was destined to be worn with leopard! Sometimes this dress makes me feel a little too extra, so a blazer on top was the perfect way to minimize this feeling while forming a great pairing. I especially love how the dress peeks out of the top, making it fee like these pieces were meant to be worn together. I feel slightly 80s in this outfit and I don’t hate it one bit.


Next wear?

The sky is the limit! I think I’d like to experiment with adding a belt to create more of a waist. When the weather gets warmer, I could see this blazer working perfectly over a crop top with a sliver of skin showing. My blazer is currently half off! Shop the Babaton Samuel Blazer at Aritiza below and let me know how you’d pair it!

Aritzia blazer.jpg

Babaton Samuel Blazer

$112.50 (50% off!)

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