Winter Style Equation

Okay everyone. We’ve entered that long, frigid stretch of winter with no signs of spring on the horizon. There are no holidays to look forward to until Memorial Day. These two brutal facts alone are enough to fall into a deep depression….or outfit rut. It’s so easy to throw on an oversized, chunky sweater and a pair of jeans everyday to battle the cold but also find no excitement in or inspiration from your outfit. Only on those few days where we’ve seen 40-degree temperatures have I even considered wearing a skirt or dress, even with stockings. That leaves little room for outfit diversity.

Out of this gloom and doom I’ve discovered a new, surprising style that I’m absolutely loving and is coming to define Winter 2019, similar to statement booties defined Winter 2018. It’s a simple equation: dress pants + sneakers + cropped sweater = the unlikely trio I can't stop wearing. Let’s break down the equation.

Dress pants

Not jeans! I crave outfit diversity and just can’t wear jeans everyday, even in different styles. We can all agree jeans are not that comfortable, even if they are the absolute perfect fit. These dress pants, on the other hand, are one step up from pajama pants and just as comfy. It’s always a win in my book if your office look is just as comfortable as your pajamas. While my dresses and skirts are waiting on the sidelines for warmer weather, slacks are the next best thing but with more coverage and warmth. I own the Banana Republic pants linked below in a white racer stripe version. I can vouch for the comfort and quality!

Cropped sweater

It’s your chance to show off your sweater collection! This particular outfit equation is great to feature your favorite sweater while avoiding that jean + sweater rut. I’ve been trying to add more interest to my jean outfits by layering in fun ways, but this combo has enough interest that you can just pop on your favorite cropped sweater to complete the look. Also, it turns out I own quite a few cropped sweaters. For me, the shorter length balances out the thickness of a sweater without adding too much bulk. I have a similar Everlane cropped sweater and love it! The cashmere is high quality, especially considering the price, and all of their sweater styles come in multiple colors to top of any look your going for.


I can’t get enough of a good high-low pairing. Sneakers + an item that’s considered fancier like a dress or dress pants just does it for me. There’s a chic sense of effortlessness and a little something exotic and bold for a person to put two things that “shouldn’t” work well together with purpose. Ankle length with just a smidge of ankle is my preference to for optimal pant-sneaker pairings. The crispier white, the better in my opinion! As a shoe gal, I own both of these and wear them often. Comfort wise, I’d go Air Force One!

I’m no math expert, but this is one equation that I can get behind! If you’re like me and need a little extra inspiration to make it through the rest of winter, try out my winter outfit equation yourself!


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