Three ways to style a $60 skirt

I have to start by saying how amazing this skirt is on its own.  The asymmetric style and high cut waist is universally flattering.  The striped pattern allows a little fun no matter how strict your office dress code is.  The print and style alone add the power to any power outfit. Move over standard, black pencil skirt, this fire cracker needs to be seen!  

One evening after work I stopped into the Express above my train--it's so hard not to sometimes when it's so dang convenient!  I attempted to have tunnel vision for a white short sleeve sweater.  As I was walking from the dressing room to the checkout line, this striped skirt caught my eye.  It was the last one left on a clearance rack, and it happened to be my size.  Even though I recently bought a high waisted gingham skirt in black and white, it just felt like all signs were pointing to me needing to own this skirt (I always find some way to justify buying items I really, really want).  I snatched the skirt up and headed to the register without trying it on. 

I also justified the purchase by coming up with one pairing with something already in my closet--this chambray shirt.  Looking back, I laugh at how limited my outfit pairing around this skirt was at first.  Once I had it on for a day at the office and learned just how much I loved the way I felt in it, multiple outfits ideas came flowing.  I wanted to come up with as many excuses as possible to wear this baby!

Here are three styling themes I came up with.  I'm sure there are many more:

#1:  Pair with a solid colored top.  I'm a huge fan of blues paired with black and white; something about this combination really draws me in.  Almost any color will pair well with black and white stripes.  You can always go with black or white top, but my personal taste it to pull in a bold, contrasting color to tell a full, fun story.   This is also a great canvas to play around with fun necklaces or a neckerchief.  

#2:  Layer it up!  The striped skirt acts as a good base to really go nuts with fun layers on top.  I've paired it with my namesake magenta blazer (throwback!) and a white blouse for a really put together look for meetings with clients.  One a more casual day, I would opt for my maroon moto jacket and a black crop top to show the tiniest peak of skin.  

#3:  Mix and match patterns!  I've worn and written about this floral cami so many times, but it always comes through as a great pairing piece when I'm looking for something more than a solid. I'm hoping to fit this sleeveless trench outfit in before it gets too cold.   As we get into cooler temperatures, plaid prints hit their stride.  Stripes, plaids, florals; they all work together.  I wouldn't try all at the same time, but try out some pattern mixing and see what new combos you come up with. 

I declared my love for stripes in the past, but it needs to be said again that stripes are the perfect canvas to add some fun to your wardrobe.  My stripes are usually on top; this is one of the few times I get to play around with other pairing options on the top half.  Be prepared to see a lot of different looks with this skirt in the future!

If you'd like to own this exact skirt, hurry to Express; there are just a few left for under $60.   I found a couple more options combining the stripes and asymmetric style:

If you love the asymmetric cut:

If you're more drawn to striped skirts:

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