The Jean Skirt: Old is New Again

Trends are always coming in and out of style.  It's more than likely that what you're loving today was also popular once upon a time.  My mom often says she used to wear the same styles I'm wearing now when she was younger  My favorite example is high-waisted jeans, which were introduced in the 70s and popularized in the 80s.  Lucky for me they are back in style again in a big way.  Almost all denim I wear today is high waisted. 

Trends from my mother's youth coming back are well and good, but as I get into the thick of my thriving thirties I've begun to see items that I used to rock in the hallways of high school now coming back into style.  90s trends are having a major moment:  Mules, slogan and logo tees, chokers, jogger pants, Air Force Ones, Birkenstocks.  Admittedly, it's quite strange when I can remember a time of wearing these items in the past.  

None are stranger than the jean skirt.  This one item was a high school hallways staple for me.  I first decided this was one trend I'd let pass, but it seems to be gaining even more momentum with some of my favorite bloggers like the Brooklyn Blonde and Eva Chen wearing them again. Between their fierce style inspo and the pure versatility of a jean skirt, I finally caved and bought a quintessential denim skirt from J. Crew.  

The jean skirt is crazy versatile. It can surpass the limits of seasons and easily go from work to weekend, casual to dressy.  Over the past week or so, I lived very happily in this skirt, with no two outfits the same! 


More jean skirt pairing inspo below because I just can't help myself ;)

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