It's freezing. Heat up your sweater style

When we hit the frozen heart of winter or there’s a polar vortex like last week in New York, it’s easy to fall into a clothing rut.  It may seem that the only reasonable outfits to wear consist of chunky sweaters, jeans and boots.  It’s time to own the winter by creating new power outfits that are fun, super warm and make you feel great.  

Use these tips as inspiration to remix some of the items that are already in your closet and plan your next shopping trip.  I’m also providing some of my favorite sweaters available now--I only offer these if you promise not to wear them alone with jeans and boots :)

1)  Try wearing a sweater with a blazer.  Opt for a sweater of a thinner, lighter material, so your blazer still fits without getting too bunchy.  This is a great opportunity to play around with different patterns and color combinations.  This will look so fierce under a solid color blazer--and you’re warm!

2)  Layer a button-down under a sweater.  Add a touch of personality with a patterned version or a bright color.  There is total flexibility on how you can pair here, so go nuts!  Layer with a fun button-down (same one I’m wearing in grey).

3)  Pair a chunky sweater with your favorite skirt.  By adding a sweater, you can continue wearing your favorite skirts year round!  On especially frigid days add a thick pair of tights or leggings to your ensemble.  I also like the front tuck to create a more defined waist.

4)  Layer long sleeves under your favorite warm-weather shift dress.  This is another brilliant way to give your dresses life throughout the year.  It is also super trendy right now, so pull out all the summer shifts your own.  Full disclosure, I attempted this look and failed.  The dress was too tight, and I felt like a child in this specific pairing.  I’m making a point to add a fabulous shift dress to my closet that pairs well with a long sleeve layer and also works in the warmer months.  Challenge accepted!  This is the same sweater I have on.

The common themes are layer, layer, layer and reconsider those warm weather pieces you packed away for the winter.  Have a ton of fun matching different patterns and color.  We can’t help the freezing temperatures, but there are always fun ways to add some spice to your outfits!  Stay warm, but look great doing it!

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