My 2017 Style

2017 was a time of trial and error.  I was constantly discovering and re-discovering what I'm capable of and find joy in.  I learned that it's not about wearing something new and trendy every day to impress people I don't know.  I got dangerously close to quitting Magenta Blazer several times because I was obsessed with the number of followers.  My one-year anniversary reminded me why I started Magenta Blazer. Writing it helped me get back to treating this as a fun, creative outlet and safe space to share my passions.

A year ago, I remember freaking out because I didn't know how to answer a simple question: What is my style? I was all over the place.  A year later, I have several answers to that question, but I hope the answer continues to evolve and morph with the season, my mood, my age and of course trends. The difference is that for the first time, I'm OK with that change.  For the first time it's exciting, rather than scary!

Before I get to my answers, I want to take one detour into the deeper meaning behind finding my style. This doesn't just refer to my outfits.  It also covers my happiness, my day to day, what keeps me going and healthy, in all meanings of the word.  However, this is an outfit blog, so I'll keep it focused on clothing.  That said, I'm a strong believer that a fabulous outfit can bring joy.  Seriously.  A power outfit is like an addiction, minus the calories, caffeine or hangover.  The moment I put on a power outfit, I feel like I can conquer anything.  

Now to the fun stuff! These are some of the magical moments of 2017 that defined my style.  

My Style is Sneakers & Dresses

My many travels set in stone my love for dress and sneaker combos.  Adding a casual, comfortable vibe to a fancier item feels effortless and chic all at the same time.  Before my closet was filled with heels I was sneaker obsessed in high school. This trend feels like going back to my roots, rediscovering a past love and putting a new, fancy twist on it.  

My Style is Graphic Tees

Whether you're pairing with amazing heels and a leather skirt or layering with a bomber or blazer, a graphic tee is always a yes.  The highlight for me was finding my mom's vintage tee from her gymnastics days in the early 80s.  This tee is so funky and soft.  Knowing it's history makes it that much more special. In 2018 I hope to add more vintage tees full of lots of history to my collection and outfits. 

My Style is Statement Boots

I went on a bit of a boot shopping spree this fall and have zero regrets.  By going with a dramatic boot, the rest of the outfit can be more neutral and act as the backup dancers to the main performer.  Creating outfits around these was so easy, pulling color inspiration and matching with items that were already in my closet.  These will continue to take the stage in early 2018.

My Style is the Perfect Leather Jacket

This All Saints jacket was my investment piece of the year and also the new love in my life.  This jacket can make any look instantly cool and goes with virtually anything.  There isn't any other item I can think of that has those same magic powers. 

My Style is High-Waisted Everything

If it's not broke, where it over and over and over!  High-waisted bottoms now dominate my closet and every outfit I put together.  I feel confident in a high waist and love pairing them with cropped tops and a good front tuck.  Please let 2018 continue to embrace the high-waisted trend!


Travel was a big part of my self-discovery this year.  I finally went to Europe for the first time and my world grew substantially.  My trip to the French Alps taught me about pushing past my self-appointed limits and outside of my comfort zone.  This was a life-changing trip that I plan to carry with me through every new adventure. It will forever remind me to always take risks and have fun.

My sisters and I conquered skiing in Colorado, hanging with the seals in La Jolla, eating our way through Paris and pretending we're wizards in London.  Each of these adventures was special, especially to be able to do it with my sisters. 

Looking forward

It's been a whirlwind of a year!  Here's to more travel, self-discovery, style-defining outfits and getting to bed before midnight.  Looking forward to what is in store for 2018. 

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