Season Transition is Hard. Seven Reasons it Doesn't Have to Be

Anyone on the East Coast can confirm that just because it’s October and we’re officially in the thick of fall doesn’t mean that we can pull out our coziest sweaters and scarves. As I’m writing this it’s a balmy 75 degrees outside and the humidity feels like an August day. While we hold off on the warm and cozy fall fashions we can make small tweaks to dress for the season without overheating. Think of it as an opportunity to expand your wear time for your summer pieces while enjoying fall trends. Trust me, it’s easy!

Swap sandals for booties

IMG_9557 2.jpg

Pair sandals with fall pieces


Add an outer layer to a summer favorite

Add socks!

Add jeans!


Bare those suntanned legs

Reach deep in the closet for oldies but goodies

IMG_0166 2.jpg

It’s a single tweak or two that’ll shift you into fall with little effort. We’re complex beings that like options and can get bored with the same options over and over. Try out a different tip each day of the week!

For the record, I’m loving that we didn’t rush into fall. A weather change is more than an outfit transition. It’s also a change in the length of sunny days and mindset. Change in general is hard, so I’m in favor of making slow shifts to ease in.

October 23 update

So I wrote this blog post two weeks ago and failed to publish it. Life happens. It’s now a chilly 50-degree day and sweater weather is in full swing! That said, I’ll take these tips with me and continue to cross season lines with my favorite pieces. The best closet investments are the ones you can wear in any season.

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