Caring For Your Red Bottoms

A few months ago I shared my story of getting my first pair of Christian Louboutins and how special they are to me. You are on a super high when you take them out of the box, shiny and perfect.  I couldn't wait to wear them the first time.  My first wear was to a dinner with friends.  I literally walked from the car to the restaurant.  This very minimal amount of wear removed some of the red from my beautiful red-bottomed shoes, and I was devastated. I wanted to put them back in the box and never wear them again so they stayed in decent condition. But where's the joy in that? You get pretty things in order to wear them and celebrate them. 


Were all Louboutin wearers going through the same thing? I've seen girls strutting down cobble stone streets in red bottoms with a level of confidence I don't dare have in any shoes on cobbles, let alone a coveted, expensive pair of Loubs. I did a bit of research and found the answer: red rubber soles. 

If and when you start buying expensive footwear, consider putting rubber soles on all of them to keep them in good condition and looking fabulous for years. Rubber soles come in multiple colors to work for all of your fancy footwear. I found a shoemaker who matched the red of my Louboutins perfectly. Not only was I able to walk around with much more confidence, the rubber soles add a level of stability and comfort to even the most pricarious pair of stilettos. If you're in the New York area, I highly recommend Arty's Shoe Repair, Inc.  I've gotten rubber soles put on two pairs of Loubs and and a pair of Jimmy Choos with perfect results each time.  Another amazing option is Leather Spa.  I just dropped off two pairs of shoes for soles and a pair of boots for stretching.  This is a more expensive option, but amazing service.  There's a location close to my office, and I see frequent visits turning into my new guilty pleasure!

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