Getting creative

I'm about at the halfway point of my month of no shopping. Admittedly, I've been window shopping like crazy and have several items held in virtual carts, waiting for this month to be over. I have not cheated!  I'm committed to seeing this through and really pushing my outfit limits.  

This weekend I officially swapped out my seasonal wardrobe, packing away the heavy winter clothing and hanging up my summertime wears. During this process I kept telling myself that I was going to rediscover some forgotten gem that I packed away last year that will help me get through this month. That didn't happen.

Instead, I ended up realizing that I needed to purge some of my pieces that have seen better days and I no longer wear. I am a crazy pack rat. My husband will tell you that I hold on to everything. However, my closet is only so big, and even I can admit it should only hold items that I plan to wear again. 

This time around I recognized that so many of my sandals from the year before were very beat up. Some were easy to part with. Others I still adore, but are in unsalvageable shape. I also purged some winter items that weren't worth packing up. There are a couple of shirts that haven't been worn since 2013 (my closet app tells me), thinking I would wear them again at some point but never have. There were also a few dresses that have gotten me through many years of power outfits but are now set to retire. As a pack rat, it makes me so sad to let go of these items that I have so many memories tied to. It helps to know that will go to good homes--my sisters'! A part of me also says I'm making room for more new items once I'm able to shop again.  

It took some time, but I realized that it wasn't about finding a forgotten item of clothing. No matter how many times I flipped through my closet, IRL or digitally, I was still working with the same pieces. I have to recreate pieces that I've already created power outfits with and shared into new power outfits. What better place to start than with my magenta blazer!?

The first time I wore my magenta blazer was with black slacks, a floral camisole and suede pumps. This time around, I wanted to go a bit more casual.  I paired my blog's namesake with a white camisole and high waisted flair jeans.  These jeans are great because they have magic that make my body look longer than the 5'3" it actually is.  Additionally, the long chain has a similar effect on my torso--I'm SO much taller now! 

Get ready to see familiar pieces in new ways.  Are there items in your own closet that could use some new, fresh pairings?

Outfit breakdown:

  • Magenta Blazer:  The Limited (similar by Kensie at Macy's for $89)
  • Necklace:  The Limited (similar at Express for $19.90.  Currently buy one, get one 50% off)
  • Flare jeans:  JustBlack at StitchFix (similar from Express for $79.90.  Currently buy one, get one $29.90)
  • Cognac booties:  Madewell (similar by Steve Madden, on sale now for $100)

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