The best under garments for summer

Summertime in the city. As both the temperature and the humidity climb up, the clothing gets skimpier. As far as outfits go, summer is my favorite season to dress for. However, it just as important to plan what goes under your outfit as what’s on the outside.

SCENARIO: It’s the first warm day when you finally let your sun-deprived legs out in the open with a cute mini dress or short skirt and you feel utterly exposed. A tiny gust of wind has you clamping your arms straight to your sides in fear of your skirt flying over your head.

SCENARIO: You’re running late to the office (this is my usual) and power walking your commute. Within a couple minutes it feels like you can start a fire with the swish swash of your thighs rubbing together with every step.  

SOLVE: I very rarely where a dress or skirt to work in the summer without a pair of Spanx shorts underneath. I’ve tried several pairs over the years, but my favorite pair is the Red Hot by Spanx Flipside Firmers Reversible Mid-Thigh Slimmer for two reasons:

  1. They don’t ride up! Other pairs I’ve had would creep up and get bunchy as the day went on. There’s nothing worse that trying to “slyly” yank them back down without your coworkers noticing. This pair doesn’t ride up! It’s tighter around the leg and could cause a bit of an indent but it goes unnoticed even with my tighter dresses.

  2. These are reversible. Based on the color and style of your outfit, you can choose to wear them as black or nude. Two birds, one stone!

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 10.13.03 PM.png

Red Hot by Spanx

Flipside Firmers Reversible Mid-Thigh Slimmer

SCENARIO: That morning commute gets super tricky as we head into the dog days. From the moment I set out, I begin to melt and show up to the office thinking “am I sweating through my dress?”

SCENARIO: Summer is the season of light fabrics and light colors. You put together a super cute outfit of light fabrics and/or light colors and head to the office. Between meetings you head to the restroom and realize with horror that under the florescent glow, your outfit is freaking see-through!

SOLVE: A slip puts most of these fears at ease. I prefer a slinky, microfiber material that isn’t too tight but adds a layer to be 100% sure your outfit is not see-through and any lumps or bumps you don’t want to feature are hidden. Another layer to hide the sweat is also necessary in the dog days of summer.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 10.11.58 PM.png


Tailored Slip

SCENARIO: None of your summer wardrobe allows for a normal bra to be worn. Contant yanking and readjusting becomes the normal for fear that something falls out of place.

SOLUTION: I spent the better part of my life with subpar strapless bras forcing me to opt for safer, less summery, more boring options. Around the time of my wedding I decided I couldn’t take the insecurity any longer, so I invested in a custom fitting and a high quality strapless bra. I didn’t want to spend my wedding day constantly readjusting and tugging. Let me tell you it was so worth it. I’ve been confidently wearing this same strapless bra that is my perfect size for the last four years and will only replace it with the same exact bra when I finally wear it out—or go in for a new fitting. No tugging required and I’m free to wear all the strapless and spaghetti strap dresses and tops I like all summer long.


Rigby & Peller

Fit & Style Appointment

This outfit is ready for summer x3! The material of this dress is quite thin and I feared see-through in certain lights. I wore my shorts underneath for a more comfortable commute and also to provide some shaping. I also layered my nude slip underneath as an added smoother and to really ensure it wasn’t see-through. Since the jacket is meant to be opaque and the dress is spaghetti straps, I also went with my strapless bra so there wasn’t a crazy strap situation peeking through. Shorts, slip and strapless bra in one and my outfit is completely summer proof.


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