Business trip: the next level of planning

About once or twice a month, I take a train from New York to visit our Washington, DC headquarters. I personally love DC and welcome the change of scenery. However, planning for an overnight business trip takes my usual outfit planning to an insane level.  There are so many factors to consider, I made a bulleted list:

  • Weather in two locations
  • Leaving the apartment so early that it should be illegal
  • Spending almost four hours sitting on a train (one way)
  • Jumping right into day-long meetings, followed by team outings
  • Seeing people in person that you don't often see. I have to make a good impression! 
  • All of my usual outfit rules

All of these factors call for comfy power outfits.  The number one kicker is that I can't pack two or three back up outfits if I'm not feeling the one I plan to wear. I have to be 100% sure of my choices days in advance. I've managed to pack for an overnight trip with just my leather Madewell tote, which I consider a huge personal accomplishment! 

I would be be lying if I didn't admit that I've been planning ahead for this. I reserved certain clothing items just for this trip, meaning I held off wearing them for the last 30 days, so they would be available (my rule sounds kind of crazy when I put it in writing). Additionally, I tried everything on that I planned to bring the night before I left. One final trial never hurts. 

At the incredibly early hour of 6:15 I left my apartment and Ubered to Penn Station. With comfy power outfit in mind, I chose my high waisted flares with a bit of stretch paired with a tucked in black blouse and a white blazer. I went somewhat matchy, finishing my look with a gold skinny belt and gold smoking flats.  

Day one is always the hardest because it starts so early and it's nonstop action well into the night. After marathon meetings, we check into the hotel and then grab drinks and dinner. I kept my same comfy outfit on to take me all the way through dinner.  Then it was back to the hotel and finally into a bubble bath! 

Day two has its own set of difficulties because I don't have my usual amount of beauty products or morning routine. Luckily I stuck my straightener in my tote because it rained day one!  The second day was Friday, so I went more casual.  I was also forward thinking to the train ride home, which is where I'm writing this from!  These girlfriend jeans are the picture of comfort.  I chose my leopard print flats for the second time this week and paired them with a soft, peplum top in black.  Comfort all the way, with a splash of leopard.  

Another successful DC trip in the books--work-wise and outfit-wise!  I'm so looking forward to getting home, hugging the husband, cuddling the pup and having a tall glass of wine.  TGIF!

Day one outfit breakdown:

  • White blazer:  H&M
  • Black satin blouse:  Express
  • Flare jeans:  JustBlack at StitchFix
  • Black and gold metal belt:  Express
  • Gold smoking flats:  Kate Spade
day 2.jpg

Day two outfit breakdown:

  • Black peplum top:  Banana Republic
  • Ripped girlfriend jeans:  Express
  • Leopard print ballet flats:  Sam Edelman

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