Five Reasons Why I'm Choosing Jumpsuits Over Dresses (And One Where Dresses Will Always Win)

I’ve mentioned jumpsuits in many of my posts and recently realized they are slowly taking over my closet. It’s time I dedicate some words to my love of jumpsuits. I’ll convince you to also choose to reach for a jumpsuit in five reasons. Keep reading!

1. Jumpsuits are the perfect alternative to dresses

When I’m planning my outfit for an event like a shower or a dinner with my friends, I found myself browsing my dress section with little enthusiasm. I want to be unique, comfy, confident all at the same time and reaching for a dress doesn’t always check off the unique box every time. The right jumpsuit will give you the level of fancy you’re looking for while adding a fun twist. At a bridal shower I recently attended, I was the only jumpsuit in a sea of dresses, and that felt pretty great.

2. One piece, and you’re ready!

Similar to dresses, perhaps one of the greatest attributes of the jumpsuit is that you get a top and bottom in one. No need to worry about mixing, matching, styling. You’ll see me opting for jumpsuits on Monday mornings when my brain isn’t working (and I failed at planning my outfit the night before) or when I’m running super late (this tends to happen often). Slip on a jumpsuit, add a pair of shoes (honestly, any shoes work) and power walk out the door to conquer the day!

3. Shoo-in for power outfit status

When I have a big meeting at work, I want to make sure I’m wearing an outfit that matches the confidence level I want to portray. I also want to make sure I’m not fussing or worrying about being uncomfortable while I should be focusing on the topic of the meeting. Add a blazer to a jumpsuit and it’s an instant power outfit!

4. A dress with pants is always better

Ladies, let’s get honest. When you’re running late and power-walking your commute wearing a dress, I know I’m breaking a sweat and my thighs start rubbing together. It’s uncomfortable, annoying and causes irritation. Oh the joys of being a woman! In short, the jumpsuit is a dress with the added comfort of pants to avoid the thigh rub!

5. A perfect season transition item

Just add layers to your favorite jumpsuit to take if from summer to fall. I added my preppy cardigan to this navy jumpsuit to extend its wearing season and create a fun outfit for work. Blazers, bombers, denim jackets, leather jackets, chunky cardigans. All are super easy options. There’s also layering under. Try a turtleneck as a base layer under your jumpsuit for an added layer of warmth. See my fall transition below!

Where dresses always win

In the bathroom! If jumpsuits weren’t such a hassle in the ladies room, I’d wear them everyday. Calling all designers: PLEASE create a jumpsuit that doesn’t require me to strip naked in order to pee but also doesn’t look like an adult onsie. When this happens (hopefully soon) I will buy one for each day of the week.

My Jumpsuit Story

This one piece can be paired with sneakers, heels, mules, sandals, and the list goes on. Versatility with a capital V! The square neckline showed off my shoulders while the crisscrossed straps were just the right amount of drama. You won’t catch me in a jumpsuit that doesn’t have a cinched waist. With a full-body piece I need a defined waistline to be flattering on my body type. I’m also finding that I’m drawn to navy these days. This is a new-ish color for me, since I tend to stick with blacks, but having fun pairing lots of shoes. My only complaint about this jumpsuit is the fabric wrinkled quite easily. I had creases in the legs from sitting the majority of the day.


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