White boots: yes or no?

Why bury the lede? My answer is yes...under very specific conditions.  One day I was innocently online browsing, as one does, when I scrolled past the most beautiful pair of white boots.  Up until that point, I never would have considered buying white boots.  There isn't a practical thing to say about them; they will get ruined the first time I wear them outside! I'm proud to say, my self-control and common sense kicked in, and I continued scrolling.  

From that day on, I saw white boots everywhere.  Scrolling through my Instagram, some of my favorite fashion bloggers were wearing them.  Commuting to work I'd pass a beautiful pair that was shockingly clean.  Every pair I saw looked amazing.  They were haunting me, which usually means my self-control is waining, and it's only a matter of time before I break down and buy them.  

Spoiler alert, I totally bought them.  Before I did, I put a lot of thought into how I can make a seriously impractical purchase slightly more practical.  First, I created at least four outfits around my white boots using items that were already in my closet that I wouldn't necessarily have worn with any other shoes in my closet.  Then I promised myself that I would only wear my white boots with the conditions were perfect.  No bad weather or meetings across town (I definitely got caught in the rain while wearing them, but it wasn't my fault!).  I would change my shoes at the office when I got to work and change them again before heading home.  The only outside walking my white boots would see is the quick trip across the street to grab lunch!


After lots of pondering, I finally pulled the trigger and now own a pair of beautiful white boots, and they do not disappoint.  These boots can make a simple outfit special and add a feeling of "spring is coming" to even the coldest days.  In a way, I feel these boots in a small way battle off the winter blues.  I'm challenging the pesky freezing weather that won't end by adding winter white and feeling fabulous while doing so.  The best part: as the weather finally decides to warm up, these boots will be crucial to take me right through spring in the city. 

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