Six Shoes to get through Winter in the City

While I’m dreaming of warmer weather and longer days, I’m also trying to make the best of every day.  That includes the snowy, cold ones.   As we freeze through the coldest stretch of winter weather, I’m realizing that I follow a pretty consistent pattern of shoes throughout the cold months.  My pattern is a combination of form, function and fantastic feels.  These are my six must-haves to make it through the last weeks of winter--all on sale now!

1. High heeled booties

Think of these as the replacement for all the heels sitting in your closet, awaiting warmer weather. When you need to elevate the fancy level of a pair of jeans, my green suede booties are my go to.  To be clear, my booties commute to the office in my bag and only go on my feet when I’m sitting at my desk.  These Sutton Booties by Madewell were a recent purchase on a major sale.  They are comfortable and pair well with all types of jeans.  Originally priced at $238, you can now steal these for $49--hurry!

2. Weatherproof booties

These are my official commuting shoes, and then some.  My commute to work includes about a mile of walking--through all types of weather. As a non-morning person, I usually have to hustle to make it to my first meeting on time.  These booties check all the boxes:  walkable, comfortable, they keep my feet warm and dry.  They are stylish too, so the can be worn all day long.  Originally priced at $270, you can now get the best winter commuting shoes for $126.  

3. Over the knee boots

This has been the main reason why I’m able to continue to wear skirts and dresses throughout the winter.  My legs are covered, I’m avoiding the pants-only rut, and I’m feeling good.  Personally, I opted for a flat version that I could wear to the office--it would be harder to haul a pair of OTK heeled boots than a pair of heeled booties, as mentioned in #1.  This Tory Burch Simone pair is almost sold out, but there’s a few sizes left.  I'm a huge fan of the back zipper on these.  This is the type of shoe I plan to have resoled and keep forever.  I love them so much and can’t find another pair quite like them.  

4. Tights and socks

While not technically shoes, they are both important pieces to stay warm and allow you to continue wearing a variety of pieces during the winter months.  Socks elongate the wear time of your heels while your toes stay warm.  They are also an inexpensive way to add a new, fun look to your outfits.  Tights allow you to wear your dresses and skirts all year round. I personally pair with heels that have straps because the added fabric can make my feet slide in my shoes.  No need to strut to a meeting, leaving your shoe behind in the hallway!  My favorite black tights are the Opaque full tights by Express. The are also on sale right now for under $9!

5. The stretch boot

This was the surprise for me this winter.  I don't particularly like the super tight style for myself because of the shape of my legs, but these proved me wrong.  I came across this pair on major sale around the holidays, and they impress me with every wear.  The heel height is perfect for all day--including commute--comfort.  I’ve been having weird pants bottoms to bootie height alignment issues and these boots have saved the day several times. Most recently I couldn’t find the right bootie to wear with my relaxed fit ankle length trousers.  These boots did the trick by going under my pants and leaving me super warm and stylish.  The Coach Bergen boot was originally priced at $550, but they are now down to $170.

6. Winter boots

Invest in a pair that gets you through your commute on bad weather days without ruining your day with wet pants, freezing toes or salt covered office shoes. There are some adorable, comfortable pairs out there that allow you to successfully conquer your commute in the roughest conditions.  My best advice is to choose a dark, neutral color (black) for your boots. I only wear them in extreme weather situations that call for it, so I plan on keeping these for many years.  You can’t go wrong with black and they won’t show dirt or wear as easily.  Down from $150 to $90 these Sorel boots have gotten me through many rough commutes, as well as a week in Colorado.  

The countdown to spring is on.  Until sandals and open toe shoes can return, there’s no need to hibernate.  Take advantage of what winter fashion has to offer, so you’re still feeling great, looking great and staying warm.  Now is the time to check off each winter shoe need on your list on sale--and you’re all set to kick off next winter too!

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