An outfit tour of Paris (Part Une)

My sister and I spent a week galavanting around Paris and London.  Neither of us had been to Europe before, so we wanted to form our own opinions on as many of the sites we've heard and read so much about as we could.  

This was no trip for the weary. We had limited time at each location and wanted to check all the must-sees off our list.  We ended up walking ten+ miles a day.  

I tacked this trip on after spending a week in the French Alps, so I had to be very strategic with my limited suitcase space.  My approach was very simple:  lots of light weight, comfy items paired with walkable shoes. 

We went a bit photo crazy so that you can join the trip!  Take a tour of Paris and London with us in a five part series. Experience every landmark and outfit, starting with our arrival in Paris. 


We lucked out by finding an AirBnB in this trendy neighborhood full of great cafes and stores.  Upon arrival, we did some exploring for dinner and to pick up some essentials. I was flying from Geneva and my sister came in on a long flight from the States, so we were totally happy with roaming the streets and taking it all in for a relaxing first day. 

Outfit 1, Day 1

This outfit is a combination of my flying jeans (comfort is the priority on flights) and an easy white camisole.  I love this cami because it's two layers of a silky, light weight material.  There is no chance of seeing through it! This also begins my week of comfy walking shoes, beginning with my beloved Adidas Allstars.  

Outfit 2, Day 2

Relaxation was over by day two.  We got serious with our must-see checklist, covering the most ground on the first full day in Paris.  The weather was gorgeous:  Brilliant blue skies and hot hot hot.  I've been saving this gingham dress for the trip and knew this was my chance to wear it. The square neckline and the bowtie straps gives this dress a special place in my closet and in my heart.  I love this fun spin on a gingham classic.  Navy and pink is one of my favorite color pairings.  Luckily, my pink Chucks are also super walkable.  

Sacre Coeur Basilique

In the Montmartre neighborhood, we climbed up about three stories of steps to see some of the greatest views of Paris, not to mention one of the most beautiful churches.  My sister and I enjoyed breakfast and did some damage shopping for Parisian art before heading back down.


Admittedly we didn't actually go inside the Louvre, but we explored the area from above. The combination of modern and ancient influences was very striking. Also amazing how you're walking the streets one second and standing in history the next. This feeling of time travel does not exist to this magnitude in New York.

Seine River

The river serves as a centerpiece to the City and a major hanging place for the locals.  If I were to come back to Paris--and I really hope I do soon--I would get a baguette, some cheese, a bottle of wine and hang out along the river the entire time.  


Absolutely gorgeous.  My sister and I were in awe of the colors and intricate details.  Our timing couldn't have been better, given the sun shining through creating sparkling rainbows.  The pictures don't do it justice. 

We covered so much ground in our first full day in Paris, but we have so much more to go.  Continue on to Part Deux for more Parisian sites and outfits.

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