An outfit tour of Paris (Part Deux)

The tour of Paris continues, right where we left off!  Follow along for every landmark--and outfit--throughout our Parisian exploration.  

Outfit 3, Day 2

After a full day of exploring, we opted for a casual dinner in our local Montmartre neighborhood where cocktails were a must. I chose an off-the-shoulder option in bright pink paired with black cropped flares and my block heel sandals.  It was a bit fancy, but not too tight (to leave room for a good meal).  Given the amount of ground we covered and because we're on vacation, dessert was a must.  When you can't choose between gelato and macaroons, get both!

Outfit 4, Day 3

This skirt is so fun and also matches my pink Chucks, which got me through miles of walking the first day.  In the past, I've paired this skirt with white tops, but this time around I went with my cropped navy wrap shirt.  I liked this match so much I repeated it for work after I got home.  

L'Arc de Triomphe

The best views of the Eiffel tower and 360 views of the whole city!  I'm glad we got here early as there was a bit of a wait, but it was totally worth it.  

Eiffel Tower

For as many pictures that I've seen of this iconic landmark, I was still shocked at how massive it is up close.  My sister and I had too much fun with this one!

Jardin du Luxembourg

At this point our feet were really starting to kill us, so yes, we took a bicycle cab to the garden.  Worth it.  To be honest, I was a little surprised by the gravel to greens ratio for a place that has garden in its name.  That said, it was still beautiful.  

Pont des Arts

Aka the Love Lock Bridge.  45 tons of locks were taken down in 2015, but a few locks have since been locked in places where they can still be affixed.  This bridge has an air of romance about it, locks or not.

Paris is absolutely amazing and full of so much history and romance.  I'm already trying to figure out the next time I can visit.  I've got one more Parisian treat up my sleeve, then it's on to London to continue the tour.

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