The power outfit

It's the day after I shared my clothing adventures with the world and I'm humbled by the outpouring of support I received. I was hesitant to put my everyday, rambling thoughts into words, yet I believe there are others that face the same clothing insecurities and frustrations that I do. If there's one person who benefits from my outfit shenanigans, mission accomplished. 

This morning I'm feeling extra pressure to come up with an awesome outfit to show that I can do this. Where to begin? I stick with my tried and true ways: check the weather, check the calendar, go with a power outfit that fits those conditions!

First, how does an outfit come to be a power outfit?  It has to be worn at least twice and result in feelings of confidence both times.  On a more tangible note, it's often made of more than two items.  A blouse and bottoms combo rarely is deemed power outfit status.  An extra layer, statement necklace or killer pair of shoes usually brings the whole thing together.  

The conditions today:  It's finally sunny in New York and low 50s. I have to talk myself out of foregoing a coat and tights so I don't celebrate a nice, spring day too aggressively.  I also have to head to our downtown office, which means more walking and no desk drawer full of shoes (this is a real thing that holds all of my office heels).  My calendar is packed with check in meetings, but nothing too formal.  

This is my bottom desk drawer at the uptown office.  I wasn't lying about stowing away heels!  Notice, boots poking around the corner.

This is my bottom desk drawer at the uptown office.  I wasn't lying about stowing away heels!  Notice, boots poking around the corner.

I opt for a simple, thin black dress that's more comfy than business casual and pair it with some flat booties to make the longer walk easier.  I top it with a maroon moto jacket because it's still pretty chilly.  Also, it adds to my cool factor, right?!  Sometimes I can get too matchy, but to me, this outfit says "I threw this outfit together super fast with little thought, and it happens to go perfectly."  I hope others agree!  This is also one of my go-tos for a day on the go.  These booties are super comfy and can be worn all day.  

Keeping this real, I  don't blog about everyday for a reason.  Between each power outfit, I'm wearing not-so-power outfits.  It's a constant gamble of whether something works, and sometimes it just doesn't--part of the fun!  Meanwhile, I have a closet full of sleeveless blouses and sandals that are dying to be worn.  Hurry it up, warm weather!

Outfit breakdown:  Totally unplanned, it was an Express kind of day...

  • Black dress:  Express
  • Maroon moto jacket:  Express
  • Black tights:  Express
  • Black booties:  Cole Haan 

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