You can wear leather leggings and these are the ones

As far as leggings go, they almost exclusively belong at the gym. On a Sunday morning, on my way to my favorite barre class, you will catch me in leggings in public. I wouldn't consider them office or going out appropriate (admittedly, on occasion I have worn leggings to work, but they were more formal than my gym version and always paired with longer tops). However, if you add in the element of leather, the rules change.  Think of leather leggings as an alternative to your favorite, most versatile pair of skinny jeans.

You can pair with a tunic, blazer and boots to create a work look. Replace your tunic with a fancier top and heels for a comfortable going out look. On the weekends, pair with sneakers and a chunky sweater to cover all casual activities from brunch to running errands. They are the perfect companion to a pair of over-the-knee boots.

I've come across many pairs that look too plasticy or are unforgiving. On the hunt for my own pair, I chose based primarily on the rave reviews from multiple friends across several circles. A friend’s recommendation is the most honest feedback you can get.  

The friend review: This pair is the right amount of stretchy and is also high quality, high waisted and machine washable.  All accurate.  I put them on and feel fierce and comfortable at the same time. The high waist adds a level a confidence and the material is so soft. I've been asked multiple times if they are real leather. My answer: They are better.


From one friend to another and anyone who reads Magenta Blazer, these leggings are the real deal. You heard it from a friend.  

This exact pair is the Wilfred Free Daria Pant in Ankle length for $135 at Aritzia.  

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