Ode to the day-saving peplum

I announced in my last post that I took a vow of no shopping for a whole month. So, of course, all I want to do is buy a ton of new clothing, and I can't find anything in my closet that I like. As usual, I planned out my outfits for the week (it's supposed to be beautiful, spring weather--sunny and 60s). I had a line up of spring outfits all ready to go. However, nothing looked good on me this morning. Nothing. As the clock ticked on, I went into panic mode and took the only approach left: ditch the plan and go with a proven power outfit. 

This particular outfit has been proven over and over. The first time I wore this aqua blue peplum was April 2013. In its first wear I matched it with an amazing pair of black suede wedges with a cross cross strap that have sadly been retired since. I'm also reminiscent of that first pair of boyfriend jeans I purchased.  They still fit great, but the hole in the knee is now massive! I'm not ashamed that I've been wearing this blouse for its fourth season. If I can manage to take care of it and stay the same size, I'd wear it for another four seasons! 

I love this aqua shade--it's one of five shirts I have in this color (another reason why I need to cool it on the shopping). It goes with so many statement necklaces, as well as jeans for casual or black slacks for a dressier look. I would wear peplums everyday if I could. It gives my boyish shape the curves I so desire. 

In fact, this shirt is so much a proven power outfit that I wore it for my engagement pictures! I made so many looks for my engagement pictures, that I created an entire library in dedication. I eventually chose this particular shirt because of how confident I felt in it and how flattering it was on my body. Not to mention, how well it paired with coral accessories and my engagement shoes (my engagement shoes deserve their own post, which will come, I promise!).

This time around I paired my aqua peplum with loose fitting girlfriend jeans, a fun leather wrapped statement necklace and black strappy sandals-- their first wear of the season!  

I left my IRL closet a mess with rejected clothing this morning, but I still managed to leave for work feeling good about my outfit. Here's to a fourth season and beyond of wearing one of my oldest and dearest items.

Outfit breakdown:

  • Aqua blue peplum top:  Express (similar Michael Kors version on sale at Macy's for $59.99)
  • Girlfriend jeans:  Express (same pair for $88.00.  Currently buy 1, get 1 $29.90)
  • Black leather wrapped necklace:  Banana Republic (no longer available)
  • Black, strappy leather sandals:  Splendid at Anthropologie (no longer available)

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