Casual Friday

Casual Friday outfit

Casual Friday outfit

Finally, another work week is over!  Everything seems a bit sluggish on Fridays, especially the clock as it ticks closer to the weekend!  By Friday I'm exhausted, and I always opt or a super comfy outfit.  The Friday rule: no too-high heels or pencil skirts. 

Today I went with a lightweight, plaid button down, my favorite pair of skinny jeans and booties.  I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with plaid button downs.  I see other women wear them and they look so adorable!  When I put one on, I somehow feel like I should be on a farm or a ranch, especially when paired with these booties.  I avoid that feeling with this particular one because of the fancy, gold buttons!  Just incase anyone in Manhattan was confused if I was a visiting rancher, I also added the gold belt.  I almost went too matchy by pairing it with gold smoking flats, but I was able to fight the urge.  These booties are more comfortable anyways!

With another week in the books, I'm sharing my full line up. Looking at the week as a whole, I try to mix up the order of pants and skirts. No two days in a row should be too similar--in clothing style or color!  Even though I wore a lot of denim this week, it was a good mix of differing lengths, fits and colors.  

 As I mentioned in earlier posts, I try to plan out my weekly lineup on Sunday nights. Very rarely do I follow the lineup as set. The weather changes, a meeting comes up, we're having dinner with friends after work, etc. This morning I intended to wear a different shirt, but it wasn't steamed (everyone should own a clothing steamer. I definitely prefer it to an iron), and I was running late, as usual.

Knowing I wanted to wear my favorite skinnies, I went to my closet app where I could see the history of every time I wore them and with what. I was able to quickly swap out the wrinkled shirt, which I will steam this weekend so it can be in next week's lineup, and replace with this plaid button down. 

The weekend is here--relax and enjoy! My favorite way to unwind is with a glass of red wine and cuddles from my pup Jax :)  Have a great weekend!

Outfit breakdown: 

  • Plaid button down: PaperMoon at StitchFix  
  • Dark wash skinnies: Banana Republic  
  • Cognac leather booties: Madewell
  • Gold belt: Express

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