Summer '16 roundup

We are about two weeks to Labor Day, and I find myself wishing I had a couple extra weeks of summer weather and summer wardrobe to take advantage of.  Since I don't have the ability to pause time, I plan to stuff all of my favorite summer outfits into these remaining summer days.

In the beginning of August I promised I wouldn't buy any more summer items.  It took a lot of self-control as all the summer sales hit, but my summer wardrobe is in a great place, and if I bought something I'd only have a chance of wearing it once before packing it away until next summer.

This is also a great time to reevaluate my summer wardrobe.  While it's still fresh in my head, I need to organize what outfits worked well and what was a failed pairing. If there are summer items in my closet I haven't worn yet, this is prime time to either get a wear in or to decide to retire it.  I won't be packing away my summer wardrobe to make room for winter sweaters yet, but I'm setting the ground work for deciding what gets packed away for another season and what gets purged if I didn't wear it or it's too worn out to save.  When next summer begins I will be well prepared with a plethora of power outfits already lined up.  

I kicked off this summer season with a preview of some of my favorite summer outfits.  Looking back to that post from mid-June, my wardrobe has gone through a couple changes and my style has evolved in just that short amount of time.  

An innocent trip to Target transformed my summer wardrobe and really stepped up my dress game.  I've really embraced the midi length and love the way I feel in these dresses--comfortable and confident.  I've been having a difficult time finding warm-weather dresses that I can wear to the office and were a flattering fit on me.  Each dress from my Target shopping spree cinched at the waist and just worked for me.  Consistent with other summers, I've worn way more dresses and skirts than pants throughout these warm months.

My style preferences have changed from focusing on bright colors all of the time to a much more neutral palate.  Each week of outfits documented in my app features blacks and whites.  I'm excited about this trend.  Whites and blacks are classic, and my closet is fully stocked!  Additionally, I've noticed a theme in pairing a white or black top with a colorful bottom or shoe accent.  I've added several patterned skirts in unique cuts to my closet this summer.

Crop tops were a pleasant surprise discovery for me this summer.  As mentioned in my last post, the combination of high-waisted bottoms,  a crop top and my short waist means that my clothing meet at the skinniest, most flattering part of my waist and little to no skin is left showing.  I've added a couple crop tops (white and black!) to my closet and paired them with both high waisted bottoms I already owned and some of my newly purchased skirts mentioned above.  

I've really embraced #casualfridays and #flatfridays. I've expanded my focus from typical office wear to let in a bit more comfort and allow my personality to come through a bit more.  This is best captured with my collection of sneakers and comfy dresses and skirts that pair well with them.  There's nothing better than an item that can be dressed up or down.  

These are some of my favorite outfits so far from Summer 2016.  All of these items will be lovingly packed away in a couple weeks, patiently waiting to shine again next year, but as the heat continues to blaze, I will continue to take advantage with my favorite warm weather outfits.

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