This rule is meant to be broken

Last week offered some of the most beautiful spring weather here in New York.  Spring has officially replaced winter.  Heavy sweaters can finally be packed away for a couple months, making way for lighter, brighter spring clothing.  

One of my favorite warm weather items are a crisp pair of white jeans.  I've paired them with bright colors, patterns, black and monochromatic white-on-white.  They can be dressed up or dressed down with the right shoe and accessory pairings.  With all the possibilities, why wait until after Memorial Day to pull out the white?

No white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day is one "rule" that I disagree with.  However, it's how you pair and wear your white that really matters.  I hold off on matching with my super summery shirts until the New York humidity sets in.  Any thin, sleeveless blouses, fall into that category.  Additionally, stick with jeans for just a little longer.  I've got my white linen pants waiting in the wings until the heat of the city demands lighter fabrics.  

It was a gorgeous 75 degree day in April, and my team and I planned to visit One World Observatory after work (check out the gorgeous views of New York!), so I went more casual with my white jeans.  I choose to pair them with a flouncy, blue peplum T-shirt.  I added the necklaces to make it a bit more fancy, along with peep toe sling backs (I switched to flats for our team outing).  As it gets ever warmer, I'll likely pair this same outfit with a pair of wedges

I have to put a little extra thought into days when wearing white--because it's white! Everything will show.  If it's a rainy day, the gross, grey water on every corner is likely to makes its way onto my beloved whites.  If I have a happy hour where things may get a bit messy, I think twice about the white.  Murphy's law is that my coffee will usually spill the day I'm wearing white, so even if it's a sunny day with no spaghetti dinner, I always have a Tide To Go pen with me.

Be a rebel--try wearing white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  

Outfit breakdown:

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