Calling all shorties: DYIing your jeans length is so easy!

As a five foot two woman, it's incredibly hard to find jeans that fit perfectly.  A couple of months ago I struck gold with the high-waisted offerings from Madewell.  When a magical jean-fitting discovery is made, I'm a big fan of buying multiples! However, when I went back for the same style in white, I was dissappointed to find that they were longer than the others.  I was about to return them and start yet another search, but I decided to experiment with a little DYI action to make this pair a member of the perfect fit family.

Madewell jeans are expensive.  I was scared I would ruin them, so I started with a ton of research.  I  headed to Google to see how everyone else does it.  I read articles like this one and watched videos like this. Most how-tos include the same basic tools and steps:

Tools I used: Fabric scissors, marker or chalk, tweezers.

Steps I followed:

  1. Put jeans on.
  2. Cuff them to the length you're looking for (This step stressed me because I didn't want to go too short and ruin the jeans.  I ended up with a modest cuff to the middle of the ankle bone).
  3. Mark the fold with chalk or a marker.
  4. Take jeans off.
  5. Make sure the cuffs are even on both legs.
  6. Take a deep breath and cut! (The best tip I picked up was to use fabric scissors.  I bought this pair on Amazon.  They cut through the jeans very easily so I could focus on straight lines.)
  7. Once you're happy with the cut, grab the tweezers and start plucking at the new rough edge until you see some fraying. 

That's it! The whole ordeal took less than ten minutes, including all of my indecisiveness on the length.  I ended up cutting off about 3 inches! I'm thinking I could even go a little bit shorter, but I want to give this length a try before making further cuts that I can't undo.

If you're like me and very unsure of your DIY skills, this is the safe bet project for you.  I was shocked at how foolproof this process was and impressed with the final product.  I had to stop myself from using my new fabric scissors to snip off the hems of every pair of jeans I own.  I'm inspired to take on other DIY projects in the future! Any suggestions? 


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