The Field Jacket: Weekend to Workwear

I’ve come to rely on my field jacket as a piece that pulls a whole outfit together with very little effort.  If you're stuck with a simple jeans and tee situation, you can throw on a field jacket to add texture and structure.   A look is created, rather than separate pieces thrown together--even if it was truly thrown together!  

The fashion industry borrowing military staples has been a long-practiced concept.  The bomber jacket has been in full force and embraced by the masses.  The same goes for the M-65 field jacket.  Named for the year it was issued to the U.S. Military, the jacket was standard issue during the Vietnam War.  Notable features of the field jacket include the cuffed sleeves, collar and large hip and breast pockets.  Though the jacket was originally introduced in the olive green shade, it has since taken on many shades and patterns. The fashion industry has taken additional liberties with the original design, making the field jacket a mainstay for decades.  

I think of my field jacket in the same vein as my jean jacket; both are classic pieces.  The biggest difference is that I don’t always want to rock a full denim look.  When I wear jeans, which is very often, my field jacket is my best go-to.  Additionally, I’ve used my field jacket as an outfit layer, rather than just an outside jacket. 

I wore my field jacket twice recently for two very different reasons.  The first was an unseasonably warm weekend of bike riding and brunching.  I leveled up my striped tee and jeans outfit by adding my field jacket and my pink silk Emanuel Ungaro scarf.  This covered two of my favorite pairings:  olive green with stripes and olive green with pink.  

For work I came up with a much different look.  I topped off a head-to-toe black look with the field jacket.  I also added a statement necklace (literally--the necklace says “I’m Bossy”).  I loved the combination of casual field jacket with fancier suede ankle strap pumps.  Unexpected pairing, yet simple.  Perfect.  


I’m (un)patiently waiting for the weather to get warmer to pair my field jacket with lighter hues and additional patterns, like floral.  Also try it with dresses and skirts, whether just for the commute or a full day’s look.  If you’re looking to add this classic, extremely versatile piece to your closet, check out a few of my favorite styles.  I personally prefer one with a drawstring waistband to create a more defined silhouette.

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