I Manage My Closet from My Phone

My not-so-secret weapon to outfit creation is my digital closet app Stylebook.  Inside Stylebook are pictures of every item in my closet, and it's the most used app on my phone.

I logged my first outfit on June 4, 2012.  My first logged outfit was a white button down, red skinny jeans and suede booties with fringe. Choose any day in the last six years and I can tell you what I was wearing.  Since then I've gone through many trends, but Stylebook has been the constant.  Over the years I've found even more creative uses for a digital closet. 

Outfit inspo from my own closet

I spend my Sunday nights planning 5-6 outfits for the week, considering the weather and the planned activities.  When I'm coming up short on what to wear, I flip back to earlier months or even years to jog my memory on outfits and rediscover old items.  If there's an item I want to wear but don't know how to style it, I look back at every other outfit I've created using that piece.  This kick starts the ideation for a new idea. 

Outfit inspo from literally anywhere captured 

Whenever I'm inspired by a look on the street, on TV or anywhere, I try to recreate the look using items already in my closet.  If it's something I can't create with my own pieces yet I love it, I grab a photo and file it with other inspiration to revisit whenever I want. 

Packing from anywhere

Packing literally takes me forever. The first step is putting together some looks on my app focusing on versatility in case of extreme weather, day to night and comfort. Bonus points if the items I plan to pack work for multi outfits.  Then I try everything in real life. Once an outfit is confirmed, I move to app packing list so that I never forget packing anything. 

Memory tracking

I use my calendar for more than tracking outfits. Every outfit is tied to a memory.  I can look back months or years and remember what was going on at that time.  I've used this to track down dates I've forgotten in the past: the date I went to the doctor, the date of a big meeting, etc.

Shopping voice of reason

When I'm shopping and really want to buy something that I don't particularly need, I try to justify it by seeing if I have anything like it already.  The other day I tried on a black floral wrap dress.  I have multiple floral dresses, but a quick flip through my closet, showed me I didn't have any in this same cut--purchased!

Closet clean out companion

I use it to get rid of clothing I haven't worn in a while.  As a pack rat, I always need to make room in my closet for new items.  I can see the last time I wore something.  I try to make 1 year my cut off to get rid of things, but sometimes the emotional tie keeps it there longer. Admittedly, there are items in my closet that I haven't worn in two years.

The Outfit

When I first tried this dress on at Target, I used the app to see how many other floral midi dresses I had in the closet before I decided to purchase.  Turns out, I own quite a few, but I justified this one with the unique high neck.  A few days later I went searching through my digital closet for dresses that would pair well with sneakers. The next challenge for this dress is how to accessorize and pair it next to look like a totally different look!


Getting started on digitizing your closet is the hardest part.  Taking pictures of literally everything is time consuming.  However, once it's in there, the possibilities, matchabilities and organizational options are endless.

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