MM.LaFleur Power Outfits for the Professional

My husband got me a gift card for MM.LaFleur, a clothing collection for professional women, for Christmas. I totally get why he got it for me. Their story begins with this statement:

When women succeed in the workplace, the world becomes a better place. Founder & CEO Sarah LaFleur was once your typical woman in finance whose closet was packed with blah-feeling pantsuits. Back then, she dreamed of a more practical, inspired wardrobe for herself and all professional women.”

This is so in line with the Magenta Blazer mission. When you put on that power outfit, you have the confidence to conquer the world.

MM.LaFleur offers three ways to shop: 1) Mailed Bento box with several items chosen for you by a stylist based on a survey you take 2) Visit a showroom where you can work 1:1 with a stylist. There’s also coffee and prosecco! 3) Shop online. Their entire collection is available.

I started by browsing their online collection. My first impression was that their collection was filled with extremely classic pieces in safe colors and modest cuts for a professional woman with a capital P, meaning women who have to wear business attire to the office each day. Tailored dresses, skirts with a blouse and jacket. Definitely no jeans or sneakers like I’m used to wearing to my media job!

Reading further on their site, I found where we started differing in our missions:

We know you have #BetterThingsToDo than worry about what to wear, so our mission is to take the work out of dressing for work.

This is the part that I really enjoy. I love the hunt for unique, splashy pieces that have the potential to make multiple power outfits.

I couldn’t find any pieces that I loved on the site, so I opted for a Bento box . The note from my stylist said that she stuck with classic pieces to start building my capsule wardrobe. The packaging was absolutely stunning. I really loved that fabrics and styles were carefully chosen with traveling and easy care in mind. At the end of the day, none of the pieces were exciting to me. I couldn’t justify spending the money without being certain I would wear the pieces. I ended up sending all of the items back.

I didn’t give up though! I recognize that I’m not the target audience for this incredibly #bossbabe audience of women MM.Lafleur is targeting, but I loved the quality of pieces, so I scheduled a second Bento box with very detailed notes to my stylist: more color, less black. More items that can be paired (aka dressed down), less dresses.

My stylist listened, and I was really pumped about what was in my second Bento box. Same amazing packaging and quality. This time it took a lot of consideration to determine what to keep and what to let go.

The Walters 3.0 Top | Steel | Size S | $165

Return. I love the idea of this shirt. The front knot was intriguing to me, but when I put it on I was disappointed. There’s was a lot of bulk on my chest, the area where I have more than enough of my own bulk!

The Foster Pant | Dark Navy | Size 4 | $195

Return. In short, the pants just weren’t my style. I was struggling to come up with shoe pairings and they really didn’t do any favors in the flattery department.

The Phoebe Earrings | Yellow Gold | $95

Keep! I really love the shape and the uniqueness of these earrings. They caused me joy and excitement to add these to outfits ASAP.

The Antonia Top | Deep Indigo | Size S | $145

Return. Again, I loved the idea of this blouse, but the fit wasn’t right. The wrap front bulged out in an unflattering way and the length was too long on me.

The Marais Pant | Black | Size 4 | $195

Return. First off, these pants were definitely not cropped on me…one of the “perks” of being a shortie. Similar to the Foster pants, they just aren’t my style. One thing I will say is these pants magically form to your body without creating any lines or bumps. If only the style worked for me, I’d keep them for that reason alone!

The Audrey 2.0 Sweater | Seashell | Size S | $190

Keep! I like the way this looks better on me versus how it’s fitting the model. This sweater is made of the softest cashmere and the cut is very flattering. The fitted bottom will look slimming with jeans but it also makes it a great option to tuck into a skirt without adding bulk. The collar is square in the front and pulls into a V in the back. It’s these details that really made me love this sweater.

The Narie 2.0 | Black | Size 2 | $240

Return. This one was so hard. I went back and forth a million times and even tried it on with a couple pairs of shoes before finally deciding to send it back. I love the style and I love how it fit me. I feared that I wouldn’t have an event where it was appropriate to wear and it would end up hanging in my closet for years. I couldn’t justify the price tag with this fear.

If you’re a Professional with a capital P who has to wear business attire daily, I highly recommend MM.LaFleur, especially if you believe in the power of the power outfit. The quality is top-notch, and they successfully found ways to add character and unique elements to the most classic business attire.


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