Dressing for Thanksgiving

A holiday dedicated to eating and celebrating what we're thankful for?  My favorite! This is one holiday where my husband and I don't have to juggle between our families.  My parents join my husband's family for dinner, which is so wonderful.  Both sides of my family are well aware of my (lack of) cooking skills, so I'm only responsible for bringing my Grandmother's famous cheese pie to dinner.  

Thanksgiving also marks the official beginning of the holiday season.  I've never been an avid Black Friday shopper, but I'll snag an online deal here or there.  I much prefer the tradition my mom and I started several years ago.  All weekend long we hand-make our holiday cards and binge watch Christmas movies. 

I've been planning a Thanksgiving Day outfit for a few weeks now, and I think i've finally settled on one.  I came up with a couple rules to ensure I really feel great throughout dinner.  I'm also sharing those outfits that came close but didn't make the cut.  You will likely see many of these outfits in the days leading up to the holiday; there's no reason to put a good outfit to waste!

  1. Thanksgiving is about eating--be comfortable and have extra room for second helpings!  I'm loving this deep green color paired with a black mini and over-the-knee boots. It's simple, yet classic.  The reason it didn't make the cut is that it's quite fitted, especially with control-top tights.  
  2. Save your whites!  I've worn this white blouse and olive slacks pairing before, and really felt great in it.  This was a front-runner until I got real with myself.  I can't wear white to a holiday dedicated to eating!  I can hardly wear white on a normal day, but having stains on a holiday is easily avoided by boycotting white for the day.

The winner is this lace top and sleeveless blazer combo.  I've also worn this one before and really loved the pairing.  It's comfy, not too tight and will hide any food faux pas I may make.  These are all important reasons why I chose this outfit.  Most importantly, I feel confident and happy in this outfit.   

Assuming no outfit epiphanies happen between now and Thursday, check the social channels below to see this pairing again. Happy Thanksgiving!

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