Embracing camo print, styled four ways

I’ve never been much of a camo girl. Growing up in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, camo was worn by hunters out of utility. In fact, my father owns an entire wardrobe of hunting clothes, and it’s made its way into his daily wear. He even has a camo tie. It’s hard for me to separate hunting camo from fashion camo, especially because my father likes to tease me about fashion camo.

My dad wore camo for a family photo this Christmas.

My dad wore camo for a family photo this Christmas.

When I saw this knit camo bomber at J. Crew I thought I’d be the perfect way to ease in because I really love the style. It feels like a sweatshirt while capturing that sleek bomber look. Treat camo print as a neutral. Like a floral or stripe, a print immediately adds substance to an outfit.  The matching possibilities are endless, especially with the layering options. I’ve already worn it through two seasons and don’t plan on stopping. Here are my first four pairings, covering both super casual and work appropriate looks.

1. Gold + Green, Fancy + Casual

I love a good deep green and gold pairing. The camo print sweetens the deal with multiple shades of green, all that look great with gold! I’m also a fan of a good fancy-casual pairing to create a effortlessly chic vibe.

2. Pattern mixing

A striped turtleneck under a camo bomber achieves two things 1) warmth! 2) an awesome pattern mix. Stripes and camo go great together without overwhelming. No need to worry about clashing patterns here. Just be sure to keep the rest of the outfit quite neutral. 

3. Graphic tee casual look

Throw this bomber over your favorite graphic tee and you have yourself a great casual look for running errands on the weekend or to catch a flight. You can pair a graphic tee with a solid color cardigan or a solid color tee under this camo shell but it’s the combo of graphic tee and patterned top layer that makes this look so intentional and interesting. 

4. Office-appropriate camo 

There’s nothing more classic and crisp than a white button down. By itself it could read plain and perhaps even boring, but paired with a statement piece like bright jewelry, a statement shoe or the patterned top layer, your outfit is immediately up-leveled. 

Hunting jokes aside, after thirty-something years I’m now team camo! Im excited to try more camo pieces in the future. My camo bomber just sold out, but here are a couple other pieces I’ve got in my shopping cart. How would you pair them?

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