Embracing the sneaker trend

One of my favorite weekend rituals is cuddling on the couch with Jax and flipping through magazines. If I see something I like, I take a picture and save it in the inspiration section of my closet app. That way, when I'm feeling like I have nothing to where, I can browse my favorites.  My magazine of choice is People Stylewatch. Unlike Vogue or Harper's Bazaar, Stylewatch keeps it real (just like this blog!) by drawing inspiration from celebrities and trendsetters but finding more affordable, realistic options.  It's a bit ironic how much I enjoy flipping through physical pages, given my whole closet in organized digitally in an app!

As I flipped through the latest issue on Sunday, I realized I was snapping pictures of all the sneakers + dress/skirt looks, and there were a lot.  Sure enough, on the streets of New York, sneakers are showing up everywhere.  This is so exciting to me.  I've gotten to the point in my life where I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes on my 40-minute commute to the office, even if that means looking kind of goofy (hence my bottom desk drawer).  My shoes are too precious to me to ruin and my feet don't need that kind of unnecessary pain.  That's what makes the sneakers trend so wonderful!  I no longer look goofy; now I'm trendy!

There's this crazy thing that happens when I'm lusting after a specific style or item.  I will then see it everywhere I go, as if it's teasing me until I own if for myself.  The Adidas Originals did just that.  I could count dozens of people wearing these shoes as I walked to the office, all paired with super adorable outfits.  They are everywhere, taunting me!

I gave in and placed the order.  They finally arrived in the mail after three long weeks of waiting--I literally checked my order status daily in the last week.  In case you're keeping track, this was the late-night Amazon purchase that pushed me to take a month off from shopping.  I have not broken my no-shopping-for-a-month promise!

For the debut wearing, I chose to pair my Originals with a navy striped dress and an olive military-style jacket.  The navy dress and black Adidas stripes combo bothered me for a couple seconds before I decided they were both neutrals and totally acceptable. I've never considered pairing this dress with sneakers in the past.   My closet app tells me I've always worn it with heeled sandals in the tan family.  Adding the military-style jacket was also a way I've never worn this dress before.  It confirmed my casual styling and helped combat the chilly office temperature.  I really like this particular jacket because it has a draw string to add some shape at my waist.  

I'm so looking forward to finding more power outfits I can create with my comfy Adidas Originals. I will take full advantage of the sneaker trend as long as it's in style--my feet are thanking me!  Today, I will be skipping home from work :)

Outfit breakdown:

  • Navy striped dress:  Urban Outfitters (similar at Urban Outfitters for $29.99! Wrap option at Nordstrom for $50)
  • Olive military-style jacket:  Express (similar with a drawstring at Banana Republic for $158)
  • Sneakers:  Adidas Originals (I got mine on Amazon for $139.  They are selling fast!)

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