Five fresh ways to re-wear your summer favorites

I’m sure this isn’t the first time your heard someone complain about how the summer is flying by. But seriously, how is it the end of August already?! The urgency is real to 1) get outside and do summer things and 2) wear as many summer outfits as possible before Labor Day. While some bloggers are already focusing on the fall styles, I’m holding on to summer tightly with both hands. As long as the weather allows, I plan to keep my summer style strong.

That said, once the calendar hit August 1, I made a personal promise to not buy anymore summer items. The means August is dedicated to getting the most out of the summer wardrobe I already have by finding new ways to wear them. This is where I thrive. The challenge of finding new ways to mix and match my existing pieces is where my creativity really comes out.

Still hot where you are? Follow the five tips below to find new life in your summer wardrobe to finish out the dog days of summer.

1) Add to top to make a dress into a skirt

2) Give a matching set a new pairing

3) Give a dressy piece a walk on the casual side

4) Take a casual piece for a walk on the fancy side

5) Switch up your accessories from wedding to work

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