Cape May 2018: Humidity + Wine

One morning after a particularly hot and sweaty commute to the office, I thought to myself: “How am I in my 32nd year of life and still haven’t figured out how to dress and style my hair in humidity?” Why would I think I can wear the same clothes and same hair styles on a beautiful 80-degree day in the Idaho desert as I would on a grossly humid summer day in New York City?

I spent a good part of the summer trying to find what works for me in these scenarios. I wear slips under dresses to battle the sweat factor and shorts under skirts for the thigh rub factor. But hair styles are still a major issue for me. This all came to a head on my annual trip to Cape May for Labor Day weekend. Prior to the trip, I cut my hair the shortest it's been in years. The humidity was also kicked up a notch being on the coastline.

Before leaving for our beach trip I styled my hair normally at home: blow dry straight then curl it up a bit to look a little messy (my style inspo). A couple minutes in the Cape May humidity, and my hair was CURLY. It remained that way until we left, no matter what I did. I quickly came to terms that there was no fighting it but had to embrace in. My fix was to incorporate a hat into most of my outfits to tame my hair from taking on new heights! Prior to this, I wouldn’t have called myself a hat person—I packed my hats just for sun protection on the beach! Now, I’m loving how a hat can provide a function while adding a new dimension to an outfit. A newly declared hat person? Yes, on humid days! Shop my packable J. Crew hat now!

My favorite part of our trip was our visit to the Willow Creek Winery, a new stop for us this year. We sipped delicious wine, ate amazing cheese and enjoyed the pristine surroundings. My biggest regret was saving this dress for the trip and not wearing it sooner! The Who What Wear collection does it again with a classic, flattering dress that made me feel like a million bucks. Between my outfit and my wine buzz, it was a wonderful day!


P.S. I didn’t wear a hat to dinner. When all else fails, ponytail! No matter how short your hair is!

Outside of my new dependency on hats on super humid days, I’m trying to embrace the wild nature of my hair a bit more. Why fight humidity? Find a product that will keep the frizz out (my favorite is the Ouai Wave Spray) and let the weather call the shots. I’ve been loving how my new, short hair is reacting to New York heat….words I never thought I’d say!

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