Five Ways to Wear Sneakers to Work

A few weeks back, my right foot started hurting and swelling up throughout the day.  Honestly, the pain was manageable, but the swelling was keeping me out of some of my favorite shoes--ring the alarms! I finally went to the doctor when it persisted for more than three weeks (waited too long, tbh).  The prognosis was internal irritation from wearing heels.  Doctor's orders were a daily self care for my foot and...sneakers for a week.  

Challenge accepted. I set to coming up with five outfits to go along with sneakers.  Luckily, my office has a very relaxed dress code.  My self-imposed dress code is stricter.  As a shoe gal, wearing heels makes me feel more powerful and ready to conquer the day.  As a five foot two woman, heels make me feel like an equal.  Giving this up was not easy. 

I was pleasantly surprised by how many sneakers outfit pairings I came up with and how comfortable I was all week.   I took full advantage of the trend of matching sneakers with fancier items in my closet.  

Here are five ways to work sneakers into your daily outfits, using items that are already in your closet. 

FullSizeRender 214.jpg

Casual T-shirt dresses are the ultimate pairing with your favorite sneakers and a safe bet for my first day. The magenta Stan Smiths add a pop of color that is a nice contrast from the light blue stripes.


Then I got a little braver with my pairings.  Even a full skirt goes great with a classic pair like slip on Vans. Opposites attract with a fancy skirt and a casual shoe. A t-shirt top completes the look.  


For a look that shows some skin, take it down a notch with a funky sneaker.  The perforated leather detail adds some texture to a chic black and white pairing. 

FullSizeRender 215.jpg

A pair of loose fitting jeans and classic sneakers like the Adidas Superstars can be dressed up a bit with a silky camisole.  Add a layer in a contrasting color for a unexpectedly cold, rainy day.

FullSizeRender 216.jpg

If you want to make a flowy, patterned dress more appropriate for the office,  a pair of sneakers provides a sporty twist. Classic Converse is an obvious choice for a lightweight sneaker.  A colorful pair adds a touch of fun to any outfit.

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