A Very Parisian Evening (Part Trois)


You can't go to Paris without getting some shopping in.  Champs-Élysées has been coined the most famous avenue in the world and houses many luxury boutiques.  I got it in my head that I needed to get an amazing silk scarf in Paris.  I must've dragged my sister into twenty stores between the Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower before I found the exact vision I had in my head at Escada.  

It's not lost on me that I my perfect scarf isn't even by a French designer, and I likely could've bought it in New York.  However, these two factors are true:  1)  This is my vacation, so I feel much better about treating myself to luxury purchases and 2) This will always be the scarf that I bought in Paris, and that makes it very special to me.

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Outfit 5, Day 3

This was my chance to get dressed up and I brought just the dress!  The moment I tried this dress on I felt Parisian (it could quite possibly be from this iconic dress that Carrie Bradshaw once wore in Pairs).  The fit is flattering and makes me feel amazing.  My new silk scarf was the cherry on top of my Parisian look, offering some fun pattern mixing.  

Bateaux Mouches

This boat ride was a highlight of the trip for me.  It took us down and back on the Seine River, passing by many of the landmarks we saw earlier, but with a new added mystery of night.  There was live music, a dinner and several glasses of wine.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  

Most days our galavanting finished before dark because we were so exhausted.  This was our chance to see the lights of the city in full effect and it did not disappoint. The Eiffel Tower sparkles, creating a magical atmosphere.  

After the boat ride, we went to a fantastic Burlesque show at Crazy Horse.  We drank champagne, laughed, blushed and cheered; an entertaining ending to a wonderful evening. 

Sadly, this was our last night in Paris.  I could've stayed here happily for a very long time.  The next morning we were up early to catch the train.  We had one more chocolate croissant for good measure and continued our trip to our final destination--London!

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