Olympic training in Colorado...JK! Annual Sister Ski Trip

A couple weeks ago I got to hang out with my sister in the Colorado mountains for the 3rd annual sister ski trip.  With each visit I love the area more and my skiing gets a little better.  At this pace I’ll be ready for the 2046 Olympics!  

Last year I managed to fit everything I needed in my carry-on suitcase.  This year I traded it in for a checked bag, filled with goodies for my sister and extra shoe options for me!  Each day I added small details to my outfit to make big differences. Keep reading for every winter activity and outfit breakdown.

Day 1: Hiking, skiing and red pom hats

The first full day in Colorado was unseasonably warm, but there was still several layers of snow on the ground from colder days. We did an easy hike on a mountain path up to a frozen lake.  A heavy coat wasn't needed but my new Free People red pom hat offered just the right amount of warmth.   I usually hold off on buying winter accessories until I’m in Colorado, but I stumbled on this perfect pom hat with a fleece lining and needed to have it. This one pop of color was the cherry on top that took this from a normal outfit to a statement outfit.

Before my trip, I'd had been casually browsing for some winter boots but didn’t want to spend too much money on a pair for a four-day trip. I popped in to the Sam Edelman store on my way home from work to see these shoes in person. Not only did they have my size, but they were on super sale. You can’t fight fate!


Later in the day we went Nordic skiing, which was my favorite activity from last year. Because it was so warm, we went out without our coats and still broke a sweat! I'm wearing my Burton beanie and Patagonia pull-over fleece, both purchases from the year before.  I still can’t catch my sister, but it was just as fun as I remember.

Day 2: Shopping, all-black outfits and fuchsia lips...Colorado or New York?

Today we got back to the cold I was expecting and the forecast was calling for snow—perfect for skiing!  We had brunch and did some shopping in Breckenridge. My sister was very patient with me as I tried on every brand of winter coat, which in a ski town is quite a few. By the way, I chose the Marmot Strollbridge Jacket, but I didn't buy it until I got home because I didn't want to travel with it.  

I stuck with my New York ways with an all black outfit consisting of my cropped ottoman Who What Wear Collection sweater and Madewell high-waisted black skinnies.  New York meets Colorado with my bulky Sorel boots, but black is always chic, right?


Every year the town of Frisco collects all of the Christmas trees and burns them in an epic bonfire with food and fireworks.  On a cold night, the fire was welcome and we had a great time cheering on the massive truck that was dumping trees on the fire.  I stuck with the same all black outfit but added my Carhartt beanie and a fuchsia lip.  I know it was to be a casual night, but habit tells me to level up a bit and a colored lip always does just that. 

Day 3: Gondolas, outdoor hot tubs and layers

The snow continued to fall and the temperature continued to drop.  Without planning it I went full Madewell by layering a striped turtleneck under a mock neck sweater paired with my dark wash skinnies.  I loved adding the striped turtleneck for warmth but also just a little peek of pattern to liven up an outfit.  I underestimated the amount of snow and went for my Sam Edelman furry boots rather than my heavy-duty Sorels and had chilly toes on the gondola.  The gorgeous views were worth it!

The outdoor hot tubs are always a highlight of the trip for me.  There's something so magical about wearing a bathing suit and sitting outside while it's below freezing and the snow is falling.  Our hair was covered in frost while we were toasty warm.  The hardest part by far is getting out of the water and scurrying to the door!


Day 4: Ski! Even a couple blues

It's funny, every year I get nervous for alpine skiing because it's been a full year since the last time I've done it, and we're talking about the same mountains that the Olympic team trains on! This year I feel I picked it up faster and got over my initial fears a bit quicker.  Once that was behind me, I really enjoyed myself.  There's nothing like the wind rushing past you and carving down a mountain with the most magnificent views.  We got a beautiful day with nothing but sunshine and fresh powder. My sister even talked me into moving on from the easy green trails and try out a couple blue intermediate trails.  I was so proud of myself for taking this step, minus the mini panic attack I had on the top of one particularly steep hill. 

Each year I've been increasing my ski wear collection.  This year my sister got me my Columbia ski coat for Christmas, which is so on brand with the magenta accents.  I particularly loved the fleece lining and the thumb holes in the inner lining.  The thumb holes made it so my skin was protected from exposure between my jacket sleeve and my gloves--game changer!  

Did you catch on to all of the little details that made big differences to each of these outfits?  Whether it's a pop of color with a hat or a bold lip or peeks of stripes under a sweater or a magenta lining in a ski jacket.  These are the elements that make outfits special.  Even when the main goal is staying warm, there's always room for some individuality and flair. 

There's something special about this place that really vibes with me, not to mention I get to hang out with my little sister!  It's a great escape from the city to get a true appreciation for nature and pushing outside my comfort limits with winter sports.

Until next year, Colorado!

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