How a Disorder Influences My Fashion

This one is a little bit difficult for me to write because it’s admitting to a condition I have that causes me much embarrassment and anxiety.  None of us are perfect and we all have features about ourselves that we don't love, so why pretend it doesn’t exist?! I suffer from hyperhidrosis. By definition, this is abnormally excessive sweating, usually unrelated to body temperature or exercise. It effects me most in my hands and feet.  

Imagine walking into a client meeting and having to shake someone's hand while yours is literally dripping wet.  It's mortifying and also sends a message that I'm nervous when I'm not.  The touch ID on my phone rarely works.  I leave moist handprints everywhere.  Gross.

My feet are worse.  There are certain types of shoes that I can't wear because I'll slip right out of them.  Slides with a slippery sole or heels with no straps are unwearable.  To make matters worse, when my feet are open to the air, they are most definitely sweating, leaving me vulnerable to being found out.  When my feet are sweaty they are cold and therefore my whole body goes cold.

It's a condition that's plagued me as long as I can remember, so I've found some ways to deal.  Fist bump > hand shake! It's also influenced my fashion.  Sneakers and skirts isn't just a fashion trend I enjoy, it's also a covering mechanism.  Socks are one of the most effective ways to stem the moisture and frankly keep me from freezing all day.  This led me to embrace the socks + heels trend.  Socks out of necessity and heels because I love them.  Even with a condition, you can still enjoy the trends you love and even inspire some creative outfit risk-taking!  

heels and socks 2.jpg

Do you have any conditions that you're self-conscious about or may be holding you back? Think socks + heels and inspire your own creative ways to look and feel great despite your condition.  Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting patiently for fashion gloves to come back in style!

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