Just another Manic Monday

Monday mornings are the worst. The weekend is behind you and five hectic workdays are ahead.  As a night owl, all hopes of getting up early to start the week off on the right foot disappear with the sound of the alarm.  I always choose to sleep until the last possible moment. 

I've found other ways to start the week off right, particularly by prepping everything Sunday night, including choosing a foolproof, power outfit for Monday. 

I always plan my outfits out ahead of time, but sometimes I put it on and it's all wrong--you can't always get it right. Then I proceed to try on four more outfits, deeming each one wrong and either admitting it's not going to be a great outfit day, returning to something I already tossed aside or going directly to a trustworthy power outfit. 

I define a power outfit as something that I feel comfortable and confident wearing. In my closet app Stylebook I mark these as favorites.  Everyone should have a couple go-to power outfits, though I understand if you don't store them in your phone :)

On Monday mornings I skip right to a power outfit. I can get dressed quickly and out the door feeling comfortable and confident--on time! 

Why is this a power outfit? I've had both this shirt and skirt in my closet for quite some time and neither has ever steered me wrong. This skirt is cut perfectly to feel really flattering. I stumbled upon this shirt  at a Banana Republic outlet years ago, and I can always count on it as an all seasons piece I can pair with any skirt. It's just enough fancy and a great alternative to a button down blouse.  It was on a whim I tried them together and was pleasantly surprised. I would have never thought to wear navy blue with black--isn't that a faux pas?  In reality, they are both neutrals and look great together.   The necklace pulls the whole outfit together. I love the colors and it's not too big or too small. There you have a power outfit! 

Outfit breakdown:

  • Black blouse:  Banana Republic
  • Navy skirt:  Express
  • Multi-color necklace:  J.Crew Factory
  • Black tights:  Express (these are my favorite tights!)
  • Black leather booties:  Michael Kors

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