Sneaker addictions make for good sneaker reviews


You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Seeing my whole sneaker collection together, my first takeaway is I wear way more pink than I realized! I'm all about a neutral outfit with a statement shoe.  That philosophy seems to have made its way to my sneaker collection in the form of pink.  Pink also matches well with blues and greens, colors that dominate my closet.  Justified the pink!   

My other observation is that I don't have any brand alliance.  Vans, Nike, Adidas...oh my! I believe that there is a time and a place for every single pair pictured.  It's not about the label.  It's more about my mood, the outfit I'm pairing them with and what's on the agenda for the day.  Each pair gives me happy feels when I wear them, and that's enough justification for me.

Sneakers are my favorite footwear next to my fanciest and most sentimental heels. The difference though is that sneakers are comfortable, walkable and an anytime shoe while my heels sit in the closet waiting for a special event to be worn.  I try to create at least one outfit a week that incorporates sneakers but is still office appropriate.  it's easier than you think and my comfiest day of the week!

Since I'm a sneaker freak, I have reviews of every pair.  Whichever one speaks to you, links are available to shop!

Adidas Gazelle

These are by far the most comfortable sneakers I own.  I really love the shape they provide.  Not too narrow, not too clunky, they are just the right size.  I love the suede, giving them a unique place in my collection.  It was so difficult to pick a color that I ended up buying both the black/gold and the pink/white.  This may sound odd, but my biggest complaint is that both pairs squeak a bit when I walk.  I'm hoping as I wear them more, it'll go away.

Adidas Stan Smiths


These may be the most popular sneakers over the last couple of years.  From the preps to the alts, these shoes are for everybody.  This pair had to be mine because of the magenta.  I hadn't seen the magentas much and it's my namesake, so I had to do it.  On the downside, these are not super comfy.  They hit my heels in just the spot that they get rubbed raw.  I have to wear my gym socks that have a higher back when I wear these, and I'm not a huge fan of showing that much sock with sneakers.  One issue may be that I opted for a child size shoe because they were cheaper.  I wonder if I went with the adult size it would still fit but be a bit more comfortable. 

Adidas Allstars

Do you remember a year or so back when it was impossible to find the Adidas Allstars? I just had to have these so I spent way more money than they were worth and had them shipped from overseas.  I couldn't help but want something that I couldn't have! There's also an element of nostalgia with these.  I had a pair with aquamarine strips when I was in middle school that I coveted. I love pairing these with some fancy sock for an extra touch of personality and really make them mine.

Nike Air Force Ones

So much nostalgia with these shoes! When they started coming back in style, I knew I had to have them to revisit the best of my high school years. I have a lot of fashion regrets from my high school/college years, but AF1s were a mainstay.  I went through a phase where I only wore pink (honestly, this is most pink I've worn since school).  I had a pair of black with pink swoops that I swooned over.  I bought them in a size too big on a trip to New York because they were the last pair.  I would stuff the toe with towels so they wouldn't lose their shape.  I wish I still had those.  I chose the white on whites for my return because they are the ultimate classic and white is always right. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the return of the black and pinks!

Vans Slides 

I really love how these preforated leather slip-ons pair with dresses.  Some sneakers just can't balance out the dressiness, but these pull it off well.  The negative is that they really aren't comfortable.  They rub my heels raw and they're also very tight on my arches. I find myself wiggling my toes throughout the day to bring feeling back and slipping them off under my desk for a break.  I really wanted these to be my commuting shoes because of the no sock, no laces simplicity, but they aren't an everyday shoe for me. Luckily, a thin no-show sock makes these a little more bearable. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top


Love my Chucks! They got me through miles of galavanting on my European trip and beyond.  They are the perfect pairing with a cause skirt or dress.  Since they are a lighter, slimmer shoe, I prefer them with skirts, dresses or looser fitting pants rather than skinny jeans. Converse don't last very long, but they are also on the cheaper side so I don't mind replacing having to replace them.  With all the bright colors, styles and patterns, there's so much fun to be had with trying different pairs. 

When I pass strangers on the street, I hope they see me as a sneaker-loving, fun gal with style.  I know how to relax and not take myself too seriously with a well-paired dress-sneaker pairing.  At the same time, I can own a casual Friday like none other.  Perhaps is also shows my age a bit by returning to some of my favorites classics after all these years.  What do yo think your sneaker collection says about you?

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