The crop top

Like many women, I don't feel 100% about my body.  However, wearing a crop top and feeling confident in it inspired me to share my body insecurities, in hopes that it will urge other women to look at their own body issues in a new, positive way.  

I'm self-conscious of my boyish shape.  I have a large bust, short torso, a not-so-flat stomach and no hourglass shape to speak of.  Because of these "shortcomings" I would stay away from items that lacked shape or a defined waist.  While shopping I knew what styles to avoid so I didn't hate the reflection in the dressing room mirror.  

In recent years I've been trying to push myself to be a little more adventurous in what I’ll bring to the dressing room.  There’s no harm in trying something on that I would have never considered buying.  It was on one of these occasions that I was pleasantly surprised to find that crop tops could actually work on my body type, if paired well.  

A combination of high-waisted bottoms and a crop top that meet at the skinniest part of my waist works best for me.  A high-waisted pant or skirt makes my body appear longer than it actually is and gives me a bit of a womanly shape.  I've worn high waisted bottoms with all types of shirts:  tight fitting (because my tummy is already hidden by the bottoms, loose fitting (because I can tuck, and my waist is still defined) and recently my favorite pairing: crop tops.  

Thanks to my short waist, not much skin shows in a crop top.  In a magazine, the model would be shown with full washboard abs and flat tummy on display, but I’m very happy with a tiny peek on skin at my smallest part.  I wouldn't dare attempt to wear a crop top with low rise bottoms and amble skin showing.  Additionally, consider color and pattern.  Go with a top in a solid color and let the bottoms steal the show in a bright color or pattern.  

Also worth mentioning, I consider myself a pretty conservative dresser when it comes to showing skin in the workplace.  I once read that you if you're unsure if something you plan to wear to the office is appropriate, see if your boss or someone is a higher position has worn something similar.  One of the executives wore an amazing crop with ample skin showing a few weeks back, solidifying my decision to show off a bit of skin too!

The high waist + crop top works for my body type, but every woman’s body is unique. Reconsider what you previously thought were shortcomings to really see what styles work best on your body and own it!  If you need a starting place, try the dressing room.  Grab several items to try on that you never would’ve considered in the past.  You too may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Outfit breakdown:

  • Black high-neck twisted crop top:  Same one by TopShop for $30.  Comes in multi colors!
  • Grey high-waisted leather skirt:  BananaRepublic.  Similar faux leather version in black by Vince Camuto for $99.  Another high-waisted A-line option in light pink by BCBG for $158.
  • Black strappy sandals:  Same pair by Steve Madden for $79.95.  These come in 11 colors and are so comfortable!

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