Unconventional Photo Locations

Yep, that's me taking outfit photos in a grocery store!  This post is purely for fun.  I've written some more serious posts, but I also have a lighter side!  The backstory: My husband does all of the grocery shopping and cooking.  I like to browse in a grocery store (shocker) and I definitely don't have the cooking gene.  On a rainy Saturday we decided to make a lasagna from scratch together.  Since the weather was terrible we doubled our lasagna shopping trip as a photo shoot!  

Don't underestimate the photo possibilities in a grocery store! The backdrops are vibrant, the lighting is decent and you don't have to worry about weather.  The only downfall is the amount of people shopping and the odd looks we got for taking photos in a grocery store.  

I was pleasantly surprised with how the photos turned out, and I'm inspired to think of other out-of-the-box places to snap some photos.  Think the holiday aisle in Target around Christmas or the light fixture aisle of a hardware store.  The possibilities are endless!


Sometimes I can get in a rut with my photo shoots, but adding in some unconventional locations will add whimsy to the photos and fun to the routine. 

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