When watching TV turns into a shopping habit

I’ve started this new, dangerous habit where I sit down to catch up on my favorite DVRed shows and eventually end up shopping looks from the episode before it's even over.

This inevitably happens during every episode of Grownish. It’s not lost of me that I’m pulling fashion inspiration from a show based around a college freshman while I’m a thirty-something working in media. When I was in college with no shopping allowance, I was wearing North Face fleece jackets, Victoria Secret Pink sweatpants and Penn State everything to class each day. I’d rather forget most of my college fashion choices. What I love about Zoey's style is that it's fun and fresh while staying relatively modest.

The first time it happened Zoey was wearing the most beautiful cropped sweater on a coffee run (oh, college). I was immediately obsessed with it and furiously Googling before the episode was over. This is when I stumbled onto WornOnTV.net.  WornOnTV is a website dedicated to matching what our favorite characters wear on TV to brands and stores where we can shop the same pieces. So dangerous, especially because rarely does a television show feature clothing that are realistically in the character's price range. Wornontv.net identified the brand and linked me to a Nordstrom page where it was sold out. No! Now I had the brand name so I was able to kick my Googling into high gear and I  easily found the exact sweater on crazy discount. Score! Even though it’s the most expensive sweater I’ve ever purchased, this was clearly fate, so I obviously had to buy it.


Grownish struck again when Zoey wore the exact preppy J.Crew cardigan that I already owned, only she styled it in a way more fun way than I ever had. This particular cardigan intrigued me into buying it because it’s equal parts preppy and retro letterman sweater in a sexy teacher kind of way?!? I’ve always struggled with matching navy and don’t have much to pair with this cardigan. It’s also dangerously easy to look like a high school student by accident, which I did when I wore it with a graphic tee and sneakers. Then I saw Zoey pull it off spectacularly with a loud, patterned shirt buttoned to the neck in the same color family, plus some. Why have I never thought of that?! Before the episode was over, I was Googling for a similar loud patterned button-down. I landed on a floral version also from J.Crew that includes navy, pinks and other colors but a little less bold than Zoey’s. The college kids these days have all the fun.  


I’m mentally preparing myself for the next episode of Grownish and my need to own items from Zoey’s closet. My bank account will thank me to manage to watch a whole episode for the entertainment and not the fashion.  Which shows are you watching for more than the storyline? Share you favorite onscreen style shows with me!

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